Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

I survived my procedure.  I ended up taking yesterday off even though I hadn't planned to.  All went well but was just feeling very crampy and didn't want to sit in my office chair all day so I called in.  I'm a little concerned by all the bleeding (TMI...sorry) going on but I'm giving it a couple days before I call the doc.  Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good.

I finally started decorating my house.  Just put the stockings up and a few odds and ends.  I'm going to get some eggnog and southern comfort and really tackle it this weekend and will hopefully be fa-la-la'ing by Monday.  We're taking the girls to Zoo Lights tomorrow.  I think every city has this but basically the Zoo dresses up for Christmas time and you can walk around in amazement, drink hot chocolate and visit Santa.  Several friends are going and we'll be tagging along.  Friday we're doing Mooey Christmas...something to do with cows.  I'm a little unclear on this one.  If those two events don't get you in the holiday spirit then nothing will!

Eating has been OK this week.  The choices have sucked but the volume has been great.  I only ate one meal on Monday and that was Subway.  Yesterday I had PB&J sandwich, some chips and McD's for dinner.  For a whole day, that's not bad calorie-wise.  We'll see how it all shakes out at the end of the week.  I'm not overly worried about it given how I'm feeling this week.  Next week we have Hubby's surgery so we'll be dealing with that.  Can you hear the fa-la-la'ing already?

So that's my Wednesday.  Not much I know.  How about a Hump Day Happy Thought to make this post worthwhile?


JRD said...

Hey, we're having similar eating styles this week - me on the weekend, you during the week!! Gurl, as long as you count it, it's ok. How do you think Jared lost all that weight eating Subway!! Keep on keeping on - glad your procedure went well, and hope the Christmas spirit finds you soon!

Jen said...

We are going to Zoo Lights this weekend!! Glad your procedure went well.. and you made me laugh when you said your are getting EggNog and Southern Comfort.. if that won't get you into the spirit of christmas, I don't know what will!!

Kristin50 said...

I hope you feel better soon and glad it went well!

Here is to the Spirit of Christmas!

Sam said...

Feel better soon and enjoy your eggnog and southern comfort :o)

Nora said...

Happy you are doing OK post-procedure.

Ronnie said...

I don't blame you, that HURTS. I think I read you got an IUD in previous entries anyway. If so, I have one, too... and I was crampy/in pain for about a week. No fun. I hope you're feeling a little better today.

How was the Zoo Lights? That sounds like a fantastic idea. I should really start looking into doing things like this for the boys. (I'm such a deadbeat.)

Andrea said...

Glad your procedure went well! Hope you're feeling better now!