Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not A Good Start

I'm not doing as well this morning.

******TMI Warning****
So since my procedure I've been really constipated.  Not one bowel movement since Monday.  So last night, I decide it's time to tackle the beast.  It seriously took an hour in the bathroom, straining in order to get anything happening.  Finally did.  Huge sweeping relief overcame me.  Got up twice more throughout the night to continue to "work at it."  Eewwww.  Anyway...cut to this morning.

I feel achy, crampy and I'm having twinges on the left side of my abdomen that I wasn't having before.  I'm afraid I may have popped something with all the straining.  On top of all that mess, I got stuck really badly on lunch yesterday so took it easy at dinner (easy band friendly dinner tip - Campbell's chunky sirloin with vegetables poured over mashed potatoes.  Hearty and comforty food especially when it's cold out.  Anyway...) but I can still tell the band is kinda mad at me.  So I'm just feeling very yucky this morning.  

I did some more Christmas shopping yesterday, buying stocking stuffers and whatnot.  This is unprecedented for me to have gotten so much done so early in the season.  My goal is to finish by the 15th this year.  I can't even imagine what that would feel like to not be running around like a crazy person on Christmas Eve.  I think it'll be nice.  We're going to Zoo Lights tonight with the girls.  Assuming I can walk around with doubling over, I think this will be fun.  This is hubby's last day at work so his going out on his own is becoming very very real.  It's both exciting and scary. 

So that's what I got.  Sorry for the downer post but it's just kind of a downer day for me.  Hope everyone else is doing better and at least tomorrow's Friday and then I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off of work.  Definitely looking forward to that.  


Dawnya said...

I can't even imagine not "going" twice a day. I feel for you.

Get better. Enjoy the zoo. Take pictures of the lights.

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm always so last minute with the shopping, it really sucks!

Lee Ann said...

Here's to hoping you feel better soon!

Sam said...

Feel better soon, I know it isn't nice to feel that way.

Amy said...

constipation is horrible. i never realized how much i missed regular poops until i couldn't. now i drink water (and sometimes G2) like crazy, cuz I don't EVA want to feel that again.

Ronnie said...

I hate when I can't go. I usually take milk of magnesia when I'm feeling super constipated. I can't wait, and sitting on the pot too long gives me hemorrhoids. (Not who's oversharing?!) Not a pretty picture. Hope you're feeling better on the #2 front.