Friday, December 16, 2011

Eventful Evening

So last night I had dinner with my BFF.  We exchanged Christmas presents (she gave me a 60 minutes massage and a 60 minute facial...isn't that super sweet?!?!?), had dinner, had a drink and were just catching up on life's events after we ate when she looked at me, said "I'm not feeling well right now", lost all the color in her face and just passed out.  I mean...seriously...turned ghost white, and just started toppling over!  Luckily I jumped over and was able to catch her before she fell out of the booth and on to the floor (another reason to get skinnier - you can hop out of booths faster).  I told one of the servers to call 911.  She came to after about a minute.  The paramedics came, took all her vitals and blood sugar and what not.  About an hour later, she was doing better, although still nauseous and her blood pressure was still kinda wacky.  She refused the ambulance but they recommended she get to the ER to get checked out last night.  Her hubby came and got her and I was assured that she would be taken to the ER (even though I know she wasn't keen on going).  I hope everything is OK.  Waiting to hear something this morning as far as if they found anything.  She's been exhausted with work lately so maybe she just needs a good rest.  Very scary though!

In other news, I worked from 5:30 a.m. to 4 pm yesterday.  That is a long freakin' day when you've had 5 days off.  This new job is going to be crazy and it's going to mean longer hours sometimes.  I'm OK with that... I'm not afraid of working.  And the raise they gave me definitely helps me stay motivated to do it.  I just hope I find my way through this new position sooner rather than later.  I still feel like I kind of don't know what I'm doing.

Otherwise things are pretty good.  I'm ALMOST done with my Christmas shopping...just a few other things to pick up.  I think I can get that done this weekend and be good to go.  I skipped my weigh in on Monday...not really on purpose...just wasn't in my normal routine.  It's going to be scary Monday as I haven't drank ANY water and keep snacking on everything in sight.  One of these days, you'd think I'd get remotivated and recommitted.  We've all heard this before, right?

So now for your Friday Funny...


Kristin50 said...

Oh no I hope she is ok, that does not sound good at all!

I hope to finish my last minute things this weekend too!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Wow - that's crazy! Keep us posted.

Ronnie said...

Wow, let us know once you hear something about your friend - that's crazy! I would have been so scared.

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping, too! We rock. :)

Sam said...

I hope your friend is okay, and that your working hours aren't like that all the time :o)

Try to keep water on your desk at work so it is there for you to drink.

Lyla said...

Scary! I hope she is ok.

Girl, I'm with you on being so far off the tracks. I'm doing Weight Watchers. . . sort of. I mean, I'm tracking half-heartedly and going to meetings but after the first week's loss, I'm back to plateau land. I'm finding it so hard to get serious again.

Andrea said...

That is so scary! I'm glad you were able to be there with her and catch her! Hope she's doing okay. Oh yeah and that was an awesome present!