Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ten Thing Thursday 12.22.11

I think it's Ten Thing Thursday, right?  or is that on Tuesdays?  Whatever...I'm gonna think of 10 things to tell you about today so we'll just go with it.

  1. Saw "The Muppets" with my kids yesterday.  Seriously, if you're any kind of Muppet fan at all, you'll love this movie.  It's just too cute.  My kids loved it but they're Muppet hubby is a fan from way back so we had all the movies before my kids were ever born.  Some kids might not get it or like it because the Muppets are mainstream anymore but we had a good time.  It was also the first time all 4 of us went to a movie together so it was a lot of fun.
  2. Fell down my stairs yesterday too.  Not head over ass falling down my stairs...more like sliding but it hurt.  And my left side and back hurt today.  Not good.
  3. Got almost ALL of my wrapping done yesterday.  Kiddos went to my mom's to bake cookies so I got to wrap all the Santa gifts.  I have one more gift for my oldest to get (not sure what it is yet) and one for my hubby but it'll be so nice not wrapping gifts the night of Christmas Eve paranoid that the kids will come downstairs and have Santa ruined for them (ala the last 5 years).
  4. My sister and niece are coming for a visit in January.  Happens to fall on the same weekend as the Color Run.  I'm trying to talk my sister into doing it with me.  We'll see.
  5. Many of you have inquired on how Hubby's doing (so nice of you!).  He's doing good.  Incision is healing and he's in a little less pain every day.  He's struggling with the unfill but trying to watch his portions and not eat more just because he can.  While he didn't have great restriction before, I think he appreciates that the band was doing SOMETHING just not all it could do.  Hopefully we'll get him to a good restriction level soon.  He has a fill to take him to hopefully at least half way to where he was the last week of the year.
  6. Insurance sucks.  So I've complained about my insurance changing at the beginning of the year and how that's going to suck.  Well, my current insurance is no fantastic thing now.  Apparently, my referral to my lapband doc expired (HMO's - gotta love 'em) so I had to get a new one from my pcp.  Fine.  I've had to do this before.  No big deal, right?  Uh huh.  My pcp has changed (guy sold his practice) and they wanted me to see the new guy before they'd give me my referral.  So I went in yesterday and saw the PA..not even the get my referral.  How idiotic is this?  All to get a referral to see a doctor I've been seeing since 2009?!?!?  Unreal.
  7. I learned I'm a little defensive about my band.  The PA I saw yesterday was asking all these questions about the band, "What can you eat?", "How much have you lost?", "So you don't regret having it done?", etc.  In my head I was like "Don't you dare judge me lady!"  But I'm answering her questions honestly about everything and at the end, she said her dad really needs to do something about his weight and she thinks a surgical option might be a good way to go.  She was just asking all those questions because she honestly just didn't know the answers.  Note to self:  don't jump to conclusions.
  8. I got my haircut yesterday (I didn't realize how busy I was yesterday until I started writing this post).  It's cute.  It feels a lot better as I got rid of a lot of unhealthy hair in the cut.  I'll post pic as soon as I get one but the lady at the salon annoyed me because as she's shampooing, she asked if I color my own hair or have it professionally done.  She knows this answer to this...she's a professional for god's sake.  Then she goes off on a long tangent about the damage of doing all over color on your hair, blah, blah, blah.  It's like when the dental hygienist asks you if you floss.  You know she already knows and is just using this question as a way to give you a lecture about why you should.  Just cut my hair, lady.
  9. Sometimes I wonder when you leave a stylist a tip through the credit card, do they really get it or is just going into some big jar for everyone or does the owner just steal it and now this stylist doesn't think I tipped her?  I never have cash on me so I always just add a tip to my bill when I run my card, but I got to thinking do I know she gets it?
  10. I've been eating out too much.  I'm hoping once the girls are back in school and Hubby and I get back to a routine that we'll get back to meal planning and all that.  I'm craving a know you're not eating well when you start to crave a salad.  And then this morning, woke up a little late so didn't have time to put together my lunch.  Ugh.  Must do better with this.
So there ya go.  10 things for Thursday morning.  I'm sure you're all thrilled.  


Sam said...

They are a good ten things :o) and I know what you mean about the salad. It is a bad sign and I am there as well :o)

Ronnie said...

Whew! You have been a busy lady. I'm tired just thinking about that.

I hate when people ask questions just to give you a lecture... just give me the damn lecture and be done with it!

Andrea said...

Love #7! I'm guilty of jumping to conclusions too fast or judging somebody because of something they did when there is often no reason for it and you could be helping someone out. Thanks for the reminder!

Cece said...

I hope your back is okay. Sometimes it's not so much what someone asks but how they ask. I read her questions in a not so nice tone ... hope she was nicer than I read ...