Monday, December 5, 2011

Weigh In 12.5.11

160. -1 from last week, +1 from my lowest.  Not too shabby...At least it wasn't a gain this time.

Weekend was good.  Saturday I hung out with the family, cleaned the house a little bit, took a family nap which are rare and wonderful and then went to a small Christmas gathering later that night.  We had a good time, drank only enough to get a little buzz on and ate only 1 fish taco and half an order of refried beans so didn't really over do.  This was a group of  people that I don't always feel comfortable around (some of the women can be a little catty) and outings with them are hit and miss but this was a good one so it was nice.  Sunday, we took my niece out for breakfast and then came back and tackled our closets.  By the time we were done, we had 2 bags full of trash and 4 bags of clothes to donate to Goodwill.  My closet looks fabulously clean but woefully empty.  Definitely need some new stuff.  One thing that really bugs is that after going through the girls' closet and my closet and all the "will never fit anybody again" stuff and the "doesn't fit my oldest but will save it for my youngest" stuff and the "fits everybody but it's summer stuff" stuff, I cannot find the girls' winter jackets ANYWHERE.  It's like they just disappeared.  Still wracking my brain to figure it out but need to do it quick as it's gotten REALLY cold here (like highs in the 50's y'all!  lol) in AZ.  May need to make an emergency trip to Target.

Back at work this morning and totally not feeling it.  I've had this cold for the last few days and it's starting to wear.  I got some Mucinex D over the weekend.  The stuff works GREAT but the pills are HUGE!  I seriously get stuck on them and almost choked on one!  Once it's down I'm good.  The other godsend is Vicks Nasal Spray.  Sent from heaven...seriously.

So today is a no food or drink day for me.  No, I'm not doing an intermittent fast...I have my permanent birth control procedure this afternoon.  They knock me out for it so no food or drink for 8 hours prior.  That kinda sucks when it's in the afternoon but I'll survive.  I think Hubby is having second thoughts about the whole thing but we've discussed it a number of times and I believe we're really on the same page.  It's a little sad to know that we won't be having any more kids but I think it's the right thing for us at this point.  I don't want big age gaps between my kids and you shouldn't have more kids than you can afford.  My kids have reached a fun age where we can take them pretty much anywhere without having to lug a bunch of extra stuff around and soon we'll be able to travel and do stuff without worrying how the kids will do with a long car ride, etc.  I just don't want to start over with a new one and on top of all that...and yes, this part is selfish...I don't want to gain all that weight again.  I know a lot of women get a lapband to lose weight so they can overcome fertility issues and I think it's wonderful that they're able to do that.  But the idea of gaining 40-60 lbs again just makes my stomach turn.  So there you have it. Anyway, there's not supposed to be much to this procedure, only takes about 15 minutes and then I spend about an hour in recovery.  Honestly, the only part I'm worried about is how nauseous I'll feel afterwards.  Seems like every time I have anesthesia (wisdom teeth, lap band...not much to compare I feel nauseous when I wake up.  I'd like to avoid that.

There you have it...the excitement that is my life.  LOL.  I got no holiday decorating done this weekend and I'm really having a hard time getting into the groove this year.  I'm usually Griswold-esque in my enthusiasm and decor but I'm just not feeling it.  I haven't even bought a tree yet and am not really looking forward to going to get one.  I need something to get me into the spirit of things but I just don't know what that thing is.  Anyone else struggling that usually doesn't?

This week is Hubby's last week at work before embarking out on his own.  He's pretty much taking through the end of the year off to get his home office set up and be home with the girls for Christmas break.  By not having them in daycare, it'll save us about $500 so that's good.  He's pretty freaked about going out on his own but I think, in the long run, it'll be the right decision for us.

Alrighty...I've rambled enough.  Your Monday DEMotivator:


Amanda said...

Thinking about you and your appointment today! Congrats on your lb loss!! I am not losing a darn thing at the moment! But I've got a fill tomorrow!

Don't forget youre going shopping after Christmas! I'd go with you and all but distance! I did get a dress from Target this past week! $11.88 and so cute!

Andrea said...

Congrats on the loss this week! Hope your cold gets better and your procedure goes well today!!!

Ronnie said...

I am definitely not in the Christmas spirit! :(

I've been walking around humming "Where Are You Christmas?" all week.