Monday, July 25, 2011

Weigh In 7/25/11

169.  Same as last week.  *sigh*  Too many treats throughout the week I think.  Something has happened to my motivation here and I just don't know where I'm going with it.

I got my fill on Friday.  Doc was nice as he always is...said he's very happy with my progress and I shouldn't feel discouraged.  Seems silly that I was so nervous to go knowing I hadn't really lost anything since the last time.  According to their scale, I was 1/2 lb down but that's over like 2 months.  Ugh.  Anyway, he gave me my fill, sent me on my way, told me not to wait for another one if it doesn't help the hunger.  He said give it 7-10 days and if I'm still struggling, to go back.  My doc rocks.  Honestly, I don't think the fill has done a whole lot.  I'm worried my pouch is stretched or something as I just can't seem to get to that really good spot I had going back in February.  A part of it is me just eating crap as opposed to February when I was more focused.  To give this fill a fair shake, I've got to get back to the good eating habits, a lot of protein, etc.

No I did not get my third workout of the week in.  I did go Friday for a full hour and sweated like there was no tomorrow.  Let me pose this question to all of you:
As you've lost weight, do you find that you sweat MORE when you work out now?
Overall, I sweat way less as I go throughout the day.  I've noticed that the summer, while still deathly hot does not have me sweating just putting on my clothes in the morning.  However, when I'm working out, I sweat A LOT more than I used to.  We're talking drenched in sweat kind of sweating...dripping off of me and on to the machine kind of sweating.  So why is this?  Is it because I'm actually pushing myself harder than I used to when I was heavier?  I know it didn't take as much to get me sweating 60 lbs ago but wouldn't it all be proportionate?  It seems odd to me but I love it (which sounds gross but bear with me).  When I get done with my workout and my clothes are sticking to me and my hairs all crazy matted down, I can't help but think I've actually accomplished something.  It makes it feel like the workout actually DID something.  Am I crazy or do other people feel this way too?

Speaking of exercise, my July goal just isn't going to happen.  According to my calculations, I have to work out the next 6.5 days in a row in order to hit my goal.  It's not that it's impossible.  I could do it.  It would kill me but I could do it.  And I'm considering it.  But here's the thing... I don't want to.  If I were to work out every single day this week, we all know that I wouldn't do ANYTHING the following week.  It's not like I'm cramming for a test.  It's a goal I set for myself to motivate me to exercise.  And it worked...almost.  I want to get to the gym, I want to exercise and I'm feeling better.  This schedule at work is just killing me (an excuse...I know) but it definitely makes it tougher to get there during the week and I hate leaving my family on the weekends to go work out.  If it weren't so blasted hot, we'd go out and do something active together but 115 degree heat and hiking just don't mix well.  Anyway...I'm going to continue to do what I can do this week and see where I land.  I think setting the goal accomplished what it needed to.  I'm more motivated to get active again.  Will I be disappointed when I don't make the goal and I take my ticker down?  Yes.  I don't like to fail (who does?) but my daughters go back to school August 8th and my work schedule changes back to something more manageable.  I think this will make working out a lot easier for me.  We shall see if I come up with a different excuse then.  Incidentally, my gym membership is due for renewal in September.  Still debating...

NSV:  Was doing a load of towels when I took a shower over the weekend so I grabbed one of the girls' towels to pat myself dry.  It fit around me.  These towels are like cheap hotel size (but much softer...I'm not a mean mom...they're just little.  LOL) and it fit around gaps around the belly, no cutting off circulation around the boobs.  I even had room to spare!  Very cool.

We watched a couple good movies this weekend.  
The first (and it's been out forever) was Thank You For Smoking. Very funny flick...very dark humor and if you're adamantly anti-smoking, you aren't going to like it. I'm a nonsmoker myself but I enjoyed it and its politically INcorrect leanings.  I highly recommend it if you're bored one night.

The second movie was Captain America... in theaters now.  I know... 2 movies 2 weeks in a row.  That's a record for us lately.  I'm not into comics but I generally enjoy the Marvel movies...Ironman, Batman (not sure if that's even Marvel), Xmen.  Anyway...this one did not disappoint.  A lot of good action scenes and the actor who plays Captain America (don't know his name, sorry) was really good.  I liked him in Cellular too so I think I may just be becoming a fan of his. flick that I think men and women alike would get a kick out of.

So that's the weekend in a nutshell.  I've got my meals planned out this week and exercise is on the to-do list. With this fill and a newfound determination, let's see if we can't get the scale moving in the right direction, shall we?  I've seen a lot of struggling in Blogland lately...let's get back on track together...right now.  

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Lee Ann said...

My theory about sweating more now is that your body gets familiar with working out. So once you get started it says, "Oh yeah, I know what you're doing. You're getting me all hot so now I'm going to sweat and cool off." I think it just recognizes quicker that you're going to be needing a cool down.

Anonymous said...

Hi Manda. I am a new Follower of yours.
I agree- sweating during a workout makes you really feel like you are doing something.

Shannon said...

I feel the same way about going back to my surgeon. I haven't seen him in a good long while and have maybe lost 10lbs, if that. So I totaly get how you felt.

I am the same way with the sweating! I feel so much more productive!

~Lisa~ said...

Ohhh what a terrific NSV!! I love when towels wrap around - especially soft ones!!

Great movie weekend! And that scale WILL move, you'll see!

Ronnie said...

I sweat alot, too! Especially after losing almost 70 lbs. lol Maybe we are just pushing ourselves more. :)

Great NSV's all around, loved the towel one!

Samantha said...

awesome NSV. I'm so waiting for the day when I don't need a bath sheet (! who thought sheet was a good name?) to get it all the way around me. Congrats! And I agree, Captain America was awesome.

Stephanie M. said...

I am with you on the sweating! I thought it was just me. I am much less "damp" just going about my usual business but when I work out...forget it. I get drenched, which I never have before.