Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So Much Randomness

My creative juices just aren't flowing so you get bullets.  Deal with it.

  • I'm grumpy today.  I don't have a good reason to be.  I just am.
  • I got my hair cut over the weekend...nothing drastic - just a trim and brought my bangs back - but no one's said ANYTHING.  Not one compliment.  I actually like it...think it looks nice but it must look like crap.  The only time people ignore a style change is when it looks bad.  Ugh.
  • I have an appointment for a fill 7/22.  I need one.  Bad.  I'm eating like crap and I'm eating more than I should and I'm eating more often than I need to.  I could've gotten in on 7/15 but my hubby and I are celebrating my birthday (What? You don't celebrate your birthday all month long?) and our anniversary (8/2) that night with another couple and I really don't want to be on liquids for it.  When others have asked if they should put off a fill because of a vacation or event or something, I always say no because if you need one, you need one and it should be a lifestyle change, blah, blah, blah.  Apparently, I'm a hypocrite.
  • I'm in a funk.  Can you tell?
  • I have a product recommendation.  These are absolutely fabulous!!!

    • I made chicken enchiladas with the Santa Fe flavor.  Just mix cooked chicken (I used left over baked chicken), the cooking creme and cheese of your choice.  Spread it in a tortilla.  Wrap.  Coat bottom of baking dish in enchilada sauce, place rolled tortillas in dish, pour remaining sauce of tortillas, sprinkle cheese on top, bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Voila!  Delicious!!!  My hubby had some of the leftover chicken mixture heated up by itself without the tortillas and said it was still really good (for those bandstsers who struggle with tortillas or those low carbers out there).
    • The Savory Garlic one is just so-so.  It's not bad but just kind of bland.  You'd want to really kick it up with some other ingredients.  I did a very basic turkey with broccoli.  I just warmed up some leftover turkey breasts (probably about half). I added the cooking creme and steamed broccoli (steam just until al dente) and let it all stew and mix together for a few minutes until everything is cooked through.  Served with a side salad and strawberries for the kids.  Like I said, not bad but not nearly a good as the Santa Fe Blend.
    • Best part is they're not all that bad for you.  Supposedly 4 servings per container (about 1/4 c).  100 cals, 4 g protein, 5 g carbs and 8 g fat.  I use a whole tub in cooking but it made about 6 enchiladas and 8 servings of the other for my little family of four.  Would probably make less servings for a family where the parents aren't banded and the kids are over 6 years old but I digress.  Very yummy and easy to prepare for when you just come home from the gym and have to come up with something quick.
  • There have been a couple blogs that have emphasized how important it is to believe in yourself in this journey.  You can read them at Band Sweet Band or Banded for Me.  This is just so so true.  While they did a wonderful job at writing about it, I just needed to reiterate it.  People think WLS is a cure-all, a magic wand and that we do nothing but sit back and let it do all the work for us.  We all know this isn't true.  But just like anything, we're going to have setbacks.  Life is going to get in the way of getting healthy.  Our own mental state is going to throw us for a loop.  The important thing is the at the end of the day, we resolve to do better.  And even more importantly, when we wake up the next morning, we follow through and actually DO better.  And we can.  The lapband helps me not get quite so caught up in the "woe is me" attitude and the "I'm going to be fat forever" attitude when the scale's not moving.  I know I'm going to succeed.  I believe it.  Do you?  
  • Special thanks to Sam at Banded for Me for the Adorable Blogger Award.  You rock!
  • Hubby has a second interview today for a new job.  Please cross your fingers.  He's got to get out of his current situation and I'd think he'd really like this one.  If he does well today, he'd go on to a panel interview.  So many hoops!
  • Nutella has become one of my favorite foods.  I can't believe I never knew how good it was.  I just tried it for the first time last week and I'm in love.  Especially on apples.  Mmmmmm....
  • Work is bugging me.  I think it may be about time for something different and new.
  • Is there a reason no one will let me move the candy dish at work?  I mean...seriously.  I've tried and it always winds up right back in front of my desk.  Overall, I'm pretty good at avoiding it but yesterday the M&M's were calling to me and pleading with me to eat them and fulfill their life's destiny.  What could I do?  Those poor M&M's...they never saw it coming...
  • Fluffy inspired me to go to the gym yesterday even though I really didn't wanna.  Everything was stacked against it.  I accidentally grabbed the wrong pants and the wrong bra.  The gym was packed so I couldn't do the machines I wanted and the kids had a long day and were pretty worn out.  But I said to myself...well, actually, Fluffy said "Suck it up buttercup."  So I did and I went and I added 25 minutes to my workouts in July.  Huge workout?  No.  But I went and to make up for the half ass effort, I'm going again today.  
  • Feeling a little better after writing all this out.  Maybe this whole therapy blog thing really does work.
This turned into a really long post...If you've managed to hang in there, I appreciate it.  Have a wonderful Hump Day everybody!


Dawnya said...

I find blogging to be the best therapy. We all have grumpy days. You can have one too...since you are usually so bubbly.

Yes...I celebrate my birthday the entire month. LOL

Amanda said...

I am with you on the grumpy.

To much to do and so little time...and yet here I sit blogging!

I have been wanting to try those stirins but have yet to do so. Thanks!

Fluffy said...

I hope your day gets better. I'm going to have to try that cream cheese "stuff" - thanks for the recommendation and recipe suggestion. I'm a fan of easy. Good for you on getting the workout in! I'm a firm believer that any workout is better than none (Btw - 25 mins, very respectable!). And, one last thing, I sure like your haircut! : )

Lee Ann said...

That stuff looks good. I'm all about easy, thanks for sharing

Ronnie said...

Ooh, thank you for the recommendations! I love, love, love enchiladas and I've been looking for some fun seasonings to go in them. :)

Crossing my fingers for your hubby.

Throw that candy bowl AWAY! Tell people, "Hey, get this out of in front of me, or if none of you want the temptation either - LET'S GET RID OF IT!" Grr. I hate when people do that. Damn enablers.

AND, we can all do it! Thanks for reminding me - I was having my doubts today, not gonna lie.

Leslie said...

Thanks for highlighting my post, I needed that today. I'm in a deep funk and I just want to cry and eat fried chicken fingers. UGH. I hate these kinds of days but like you said, we have to believe we can do this.

KMR said...

Thanks for re-emphasizing the science of the lap-band and how it's still a trying journey. I can get very down on myself because I am not doing as good as others (including you lovely ladies) and falling back into old habits but I KNOW that I can do this..YES I CAN.

In addition, thanks for the cooking idea and best of luck to your husband on his interview.

Shannon said...

nutella is AMAZING!! I could eat a whole jar of that stuff in one sitting!

Jess said...

Grumpy #2 here! Yup