Thursday, July 7, 2011

60 Minutes Down

Thanks for all the nice comments on yesterday's post.  Yes...Hubby did very well on the birthday surprise.  I especially love all the comments saying I'm tiny...Outside of my height, I don't think anyone's ever called me that.  LOL.

So I knocked out 60 minutes at the gym yesterday.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical just for something different (I usually do the treadmill) and then 30 minutes of weights.  These arms will not be so saggy so help me!  Come hell or high water (or plastic surgery), they will look toned!  So something I noticed at the gym...everyone (particularly women) who were using the treadmills were thin but those using the ellipticals were of the... ahem... heftier variety.  So the first question is...  At your gym, do see a pattern where the already-fit people are using treadmills while the wanting-to-be-fit people are using ellipticals?  I have a couple theories as to why this might be.  The most obvious one is that the elliptical is less impact on your knees and ankles and for overweight people, those areas can be particularly at risk.  I always feel like I get more of a workout on a feels harder to me but maybe that's all in my head?  The other thing is intensity.  The treadmillers are usually running.  Are you really doing the equivalent on an elliptical?  Based on speed display alone it would seem that way but maybe that's not really true.  So the second question is, If you have noticed a similar pattern at your gym, do you have a theory as to why that pattern exists?  Just something I noticed yesterday...may have been flukey.

So Leslie over at  Bandsweetband is thinking of doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I know a few bloggers did it last year.  If you could pop over and share your experiences with her, I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Now for the Thursday Tickle:


Leslie said...

Thanks for the shout out. I woke up this morning with extreme doubts of my ability to do the half marathon. If not 2012, 2013, right? LOL.

KMR said...

At my gym most anybody use the elliptical. To be honest more of the heavier people are doing classes. I think the ellip offers more of a workout as well. I use my parents treadmill at home and I get real into the music and do different arm movements and switch back and form from running and walking. I'd feel like an idiot doing that at the gym so I stick to the Ellip. Two things that I am slightly afraid of using but know would warrant maximum results (and I have been meaning to do post about this) are the stair climber and spinning classes. I'm scared I'll die in the later and won't last long enough in the former.

..BTW thanks for your comments yesterday, it's good to know that I am included and not alone. I'll make a note to check the blogs you're going to and to remember that I'm not the only one that is not perfect. I can be so hard on myself sometimes. Thanks again.

Amanda said...

Humm...never really thought of it but honestly when I work out which is at 6 in the morning it is mostly skinny people only me excluded. I love the eliptical and I am scared as hell to try running on a treadmill. I will fall and all my teeth will be knocked out and everyone will laugh.


~Lisa~ said...

I've never really thought about it before either - something to look for...

Ronnie said...

LMAO! Love the Thursday Tickle.

Oh, and... I have no idea about the elliptical thing. I think you're right though. The elliptical is pretty much a torture device in my opinion. lol