Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weigh In, Birthday Surprise, NSV & Goals!

Yep...a lot going on in this post.

  • First, my weigh in.  I did weigh in Monday morning (yes...on a holiday weekend) and I was at 168.  -1 lb from the week before.  I'll take it!
  • My Birthday Surprise:  Hubby and I get up and get out of the house by 4:15.  We drive an hour into the town of Cave Creek and pull into a gas station parking lot that has a liquor store and Carl's Jr attached.  I ask my husband, "Please tell me we did not wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning and drive an hour to have Carl's Jr??"  He assured me that no, we did not.  This guy pulls up with a trailer and my husband goes over to talk to him.  Interesting.  I head on over and Hubby says the guy can go ahead and "show her."  Mmmmkay.  He opens the trailer and there's what appears to be a gocart inside.  I look at Hubby and look at this guy and say, "I don't get it."  The guy explains it's a powered parachute...basically a flying a gocart.  I still don't get it.  I see one seat and no parachute.  The guy assures me that the parachute is still in the bag which is sitting on the second seat.  Mmmmkay.  I'm having my doubts.  He drives us about 5 minutes into a state preserve park and we offroad a bit further in.  He then unloads it and starts explaining how it works.  I'll spare you the details but it turned out really cool!  We flew for about 30 minutes and he even let me steer for awhile.  We reached an altitude of about 1000 feet and then went lower into a wash to see some wildlife.  We also saw about a dozen hot air balloons taking off that morning so we flew over there to say hello and all the people in the baskets waved to us.  It was VERY COOL!  So here are some pics:
This is the "aircraft", you could seriously lift this up by yourself, it's so light.

This is me looking like a doof with my helmet and headset.

HUGE NSV here...Last summer, there's no way that guy would've fit there and I'm
 sure there's some kind of weight limit on this thing.

Ready to take off

Here we go!

And we're off!

Back on solid ground

  • NSV:  I went to the gym on Friday.  I worked harder than I have worked in MONTHS.  I ran/walked two miles and then did a half hour of weight training.  But that's not the NSV.  The NSV is that I wore shorts to the gym which has NEVER happened but I also felt confident and not like a total cow in them which also has NEVER happened.  I even snapped a pic before I left the house for your viewing pleasure (please ignore the dirty bathroom). 

  • Goals...I have set a new goal for myself for the month of July.  I couldn't get my stuff together to join the BOOBS challenge so I created one for myself involving exercise.  800 minutes of exercise in the month of July.  If I exercise just over an hour 3 times a week, I'll hit it.  Since going more than once a week has been difficult, this seems like a realistic goal for me at this time.  I've added a ticker at the top of my blog to show how serious I am about this.  I have to be serious about this because if you look on the right side of my blog, you'll see another ticker.  A countdown to my Mud Run in September.  I have just over 2 months to get ready for it so I need to get crackin'!
  • In other news, I had a great holiday weekend.  Ran some errands on Friday, had my Birthday surprise Saturday.  I went shopping with the family on Sunday because my oldest desperately needed new clothes.  We saw a good fireworks display on Sunday night and then spent Monday at my parents' house for a BBQ.  A few of my parents' friends were there along with my brother and his family.  My brother and I haven't been getting along tremendously well the last year or so but the day went by without incident so all was well.  I ate way too much because it was all so delicious but got back on the healthy food wagon yesterday.  Today is my first trip to the gym as part of my challenge so off to a good start.  I also spent over $100 in groceries for the week so cooking at home is also in the plan.
I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


Jen said...

Way to go on everything in this post! Love all the positivity!!! And girl.... You look positively tiny in these pics!!! That go-cart thing looks incredible! And a little scary! What a fun surprise!!! I thought for sure you were going to say your surprise was a hot air balloon ride!

Nora said...

Down a pound over a long weekend- impressive! In all honesty though, part of the loss is probably from, ahem, pooping bricks when the parachute popped out:)

Dawnya said...

First off...did you notice how small you have gotten. You look amazing!!! I love the birthday surprise. Did I mention you look great? look great!!

I'm glad you had a great weekend. I love your exercise challenge. I know you will do a great job.

Leslie said...

That is such an awesome Birthday surprise! Kudos to your husband, he picked a good one. You look GREAT in your pictures!!

I love your exercise challenge, the minutes exercise goals really works well for me. I manage to get a lot more exercise in if I just focus on the minutes instead of hours.

Lyla said...

I'm glad you had such a great birthday!

Ronnie said...

That sounds like SUCH a fun birthday surprise. Glad you enjoyed it!

And good luck on the challenge! :) I need to get in on that action. LOL

Catherine55 said...

That looks so cool!! And you look and sound fantastic! Happy b-day!!

Jess said...

What an awesome birthday surprise. I probably would have had a panic attack (hate flying) so more power to ya!!!

Looking good too!

KMR said...

Congrats on hitting the gym sans pants and rockin shorts!!

Lee Ann said...

How cool! Happy late birthday. Your legs are lookin' good mama!

Andrea said...

That looks like so much fun!!! And I love the NSV!

~Lisa~ said...

Ohhhh my Blessed Heavens, Lady - that looks like SO. MUCH. FUNNNNN!!! I am sooooo green with envy - and so very happy for YOU that you got to try that!! I would sooo love doing that!!

GREAT NSV's too - you are so tiny looking in those cute little shorts!! Love it! Good luck on the personal challenge - keep us posted!

o.c. bandster said...

you look great in those shorts!!!!! you can see your little body and muscle tone in the legs. good for you!

your b-day surprise sounded awesome