Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Little Behind

4 Day weekend this weekend so I'm a little behind but I'll catch up.

I did weigh in yesterday.  169.  *SIGH*  That's down 1/2 lb from last week but still 1 lb up from my lowest.  I've been hovering between 168-170 for over a month now and it's really starting to tick me off.  I'm not making good choices but I can't seem to snap out of it.  I have an appointment with the doc for a fill on Friday but I'm not looking forward to it.  I feel like I'm being sent to the principal's office for a lecture about making good choices.  It seems like I finally get in a good groove with exercise and my eating goes to crap.  If I'm eating well, I'm not exercising so it's like I'm cancelling myself out.  Ugh.  There are parts of this whole lapband/weight loss thing that's just so much harder than I thought it would be.  For some reason, I always thought that if I was committed enough to have myself cut open and a plastic tube put inside me, I could stay committed long enough to take care of business and get to goal.  Why can't I stay motivated???  A fill will definitely help but a return to basics (measuring food out, no snacking, NO FAST FOOD, etc.) would certainly go a long way also.  Today's the putting it off until tomorrow.  I brought breakfast, lunch and a piece of fruit for here at work.  Getting back on the wagon TODAY.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie over the weekend.  Fan-freakin-tastic!  I know..I'm a geek.

Hubby and I had an adults' night away with another couple Friday night.  It was so much fun.  We had a fancy dinner and then went drinkin'...which we haven't done in a really long time.  Had a great time and it was nice to find another couple we can hang out with.  It reminds me that Hubby and I need a little more time away from the kids.  We also hesitate to find sitters or inconvenience my mom for nights out because she's watched them all summer for us as it is while we're at work.  Even when the kids are in school, we don't do it much because we feel guilty taking a night away when we're away from them all day as it is.  This has got to stop because I can see how not taking the time for just the two of us can really affect the relationship.  This weekend was so nice, just being able to spend time with him.  Imagine that.  I love my hubby.

My youngest daughter got sick over the weekend.  Boo!  Luckily, it wasn't until Sunday morning but the poor thing just isn't feeling well at all.  Hopefully she's doing better today (haven't talked to Hubby or my mom yet to get an update).

So I'm going to embarrass Drazil here just a little.  A few months back she did a post about people who took on a sex challenge to have sex every day for a week, month, year, etc.  Click here to read it.  Draz couldn't see what was so daunting about taking on a challenge to have sex with the man you love for 7 days in a row.  Well...we all can't be like Rambo and Draz and go at it like bunnies all the time.  Without going into too much detail, having two kids and gaining a bunch of weight wreaked havoc with my libido.  But thanks to Draz's post, I mentioned the challenge to Hubby who was all for it (DUH!  For some reason, having two kids and me gaining a bunch of weight has NOT affected HIS libido).  We started July 1st.  We made it two days before it just didn't happen that third day.  So we've been trying to start it up again off and on ever since.  Saturday we lucked out...we're now on 3 days in a row...a new recent record.  (He's going to be so embarrassed reading this...anyhoo...).  Even though we've yet to make it through or even half way through "the challenge", it's made a difference in the relationship, I think.  I say all of this to say that if you're feeling less intimacy with your partner as of late (and I don't mean just in the sexual sense), you may want to give this a try.  I feel it's actually bringing Hubby and I closer together on a couple different levels.  Oh!  And get rid of cable.  We haven't had ANY TV (we just watch movies) since we moved into our new place in May and this has done a lot for intimacy too.  I'll be honest though, I miss TV sometimes.

I tried something new at the gym on Friday.  I've always been very intimidated by the stair mill.  You climb and climb and never get anywhere.  I always flashed to trying to climb the stairs at work and huffing and puffing by the time I got to the second floor but Friday...I said "To hell with it!" and I did it.  I did half an hour and climbed 79 floors (albeit VERY slowly.  LOL).  It's a different kind of workout.  I wasn't huffing and puffing (probably thanks to the rate I was going - between 40-44 steps per minute) but I was sweating like crazy!  It was just pouring off of me.  According to the little machine, I burned over 200 calories in that little 30 minutes.  Not sure if that's accurate but it was a hell of work out.  It's been just over a year since I joined the gym and I'm still finding new stuff to do and try.  If you go to the gym but get bored, I implore you to check out the group fitness stuff or try a new machine.  It can make a real difference in your interest level.

So what else is new?  My hubby's second interview went pretty well but we're waiting to hear if he's moved on to the panel interviews.  We also have a lead on another job that would just work out so perfectly well for us.  The first job would be a mental health move and the second job would be a financial godsend.  So please, please send good vibes out into the universe for him on one of these jobs.

Hope everyone's having a good week so far.  I'll be getting caught up and commenting today (I know you've missed me the last few days).


~Lisa~ said...

Good vibes and prayers are coming YOUR way!! I am glad that you and the Hubs had some time alone over the weekend - and that the "challenge" is going well! It is sooo important to put eachother first - often times difficult, but most important.

I have been asked what the "secret" to being together for thirty years has been.. "Making time to be important to eachother, and most of all, being in love..."

Great post!

Amanda said...

What a great post Panda! Don't be nervous going to the Doc. They are there to help you!!

I am a shy girl so this is hard to type. But I was just thinking about (whisper) sex this morning on the way to the gym at 6 am and how it is nearly impossible to get that job done! We don't even have kids. But I go to bed earlier then Chris and we wake up so early...sundays are our sleep in days..SO I think we need this challenge. I am starting to get mad about it and it isn't anyones fault. So Im gonna have sex. Thanks. My husband will be so shock that I had the um...balls to type this!

Amanda said...

you are going to get to goal. I know it. We won't gain it back together!

Rachel said...

You are doing great and are always a great encouragement to me!!!

Ronnie said...

You get back on that wagon and take the reins - you rock, Manda!

I'm glad you and your husband are reconnecting... though I'd go CUH-RAZY without TV. Then again, you could always watch your favorite shows online (I'm such an enabler). :)

Sorry I'm so late with my comment, I've had this (and about 30 other blogs) open for days and been too busy to get 'em read! :(

Sam said...

Can I join you on that band wagon? I am tired of falling off mine :o)

P.S. I haven't seen HP yet, and I really want to. I am thinking I may have to go after work tomorrow night :o)