Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Day, Another Dollar

And so it's Wednesday, which I'm grateful for.  One day closer to the weekend.  We have two children's birthday parties this weekend.  I'm generally not a big fan of them but one is for the daughter of a very old friend of mine so there's nothing uncomfortable about it and the other is the child's first birthday party so it's really just a reason for the adults to get together.  Again, people we hang out with quite a bit so not a lot of pressure.  And my girls will love both of them so I guess this is just another step in my "coming out of my shell" progress.

Yesterday's eating was good.  Aside from eating a whole bag of chips (by whole bag, I mean individual serving, not like family size, but still...) I feel pretty good about it.  I think working out in the morning had me starving all day though so that was no bueno.  I'm thinking of getting up and doing the early morning workout thing again on Thursday.  We'll see if I actually get my butt out of bed to get it done.

Off topic, my kids' teeth are driving me crazy!  My oldest knocked her tooth loose over the weekend.  This is fine.  It's a baby tooth so it's bound to come out anyway but it's still annoying.  Then Monday I noticed my youngest' front tooth is starting to turn gray (!!!) so I asked my mom about it yesterday and she said it may be because she knocked it while she was swimming the other day.  This was news to me but again, it's a baby tooth so what can you do?  I sucks that it's turning gray and if it falls out, she's going to have a gap there for YEARS.  Sometimes they turn gray for a few weeks and then come back.  That's what I'm hoping happens here.  They both have a dentist appointment August 8th so we'll see what the good doctor says about it.  Ah.  The joys of motherhood.

Oh! Oh! Oh!  My husband got a third interview!!  Yay!  It's next week so please keep sending those good vibes out there.  I really appreciate all of you who have sent a good thought his way.

So that's it in our neck of the woods.  What an exciting life I lead.  I appreciate every one of you who take the time to read my ramblings.  I think blogging has really helped me stay on track and is far better than any support group I could go to.  To reward you for your efforts, I give you a couple cute little panda pictures for today.


Leslie said...

Oh my goodness...that panda riding the rocking horse is adorable. Makes me go squeeeeeeeee!

I'm putting good vibes out there for your husband!!!!

Amanda said...

Goodness the panda on the toy is so cute!!

Teeth scare me. They do. I can't imagine having to deal with kids teeth falling out and turning gray! Just weird!

Good luck to your hubby! SOunds like he may have it in the bag!

Do that morning work out! I'll go with ya!

Shannon said...

Love the pictures!

Good luck to your hubs! Thats exciting that he has an interveiw! fingers crossed for him!

I am so scared of stuff like that happening when we have little ones! I will be a wreck I think lol

Lee Ann said...

That gray you see is blood and you're right--sometimes the tooth will recover and sometimes not. I have 2 friends who that happened to their kids in the past year. One of the teeth recovered and the other had to be pulled (on a 3 year old). But even the extraction went smoothly and everything is fine now. Good luck to your husband!!

~Lisa~ said...

Good vibes, prayers, and wishes for the Hubs!! Oh myyyy, I hated tooth things too! When the new ones come in the worry intensifies too - good luck!

Andrea said...

Lots of positive thoughts for your hubby!