Friday, May 21, 2010

Up 2

I gained 2 lbs over last month.  These are the same 2 that I lost last month after gaining 2 the month before...see a pattern here? hubby had a gain as well.  This wasn't surprising to either one of us as we knew we had a bad month.  So the sixth appointment is done.  We didn't get a chance to talk to Greg (the very nice front desk guy/paperwork organizer guy) at the surgeon's office after our visit to see if all the paperwork is in order to submit to insurance.  Mine should be but my husband was having some issues with records from his doctor.  So I called this morning and could only leave a message on his voicemail since he was with a patient.  Their office closes at noon on Fridays and I never got a call back.  So it looks look I'll be calling again on Monday to see what's going on with the paperwork and when they think they'll be submitting it to the insurance company.

Thanks for the all good vibes yesterday.  Hope y'all have a great weekend.


amandakiska said...

If we were good dieters, we wouldn't need lap-bands. Good job completing the six-month diet. I can't wait to hear that your surgery is approved and scheduled. It will be here before you know it!

LDswims said...

Woohoo on finishing the six months! I'm so excited for you to be moving onto the next thing!

And don't worry about the two pounds. It's not for long and like Amandakiska siad - if we were good dieters we wouldn't need bands.

YAY! I'm so glad you are moving on!!!

Jenny said...

Amanda hit the nail o n the head! The approval part is so hard. You are doing great regardless of a small gain. You are getting close!