Thursday, May 13, 2010

Check and...Check

Psychological Evaluation - Check
Nutritional Consult - Check

I'll start with the psychological evaluation.  It went fine.  The guy was CREEPY.  I really think he needed a psych eval before doing mine.  But whatever...I spoke with him for about 20 minutes and he said that he sees no reason to keep me from having the surgery as long as nothing goofy comes from my personality test.  Even then, he said if something seems off, he'll call me and we'll talk about it.  He said if I don't hear from him in the next couple days, then all is good.  So no news is good news and I hope I don't hear from him.

The nutritional consult was annoying.  First off, Ron (my hubby) hates nutritionists, not just her...but ALL nutritionists.  And I have to agree that they all seem to have (and yes I'm stereotyping and if any of you are nutritionists, I humbly apologize for generalizing and I'm sure you're the one nutritionist who isn't like this) a condescending attitude.  They're all thin (which makes sense because they eat right...duh) and, for the most part, they've always BEEN thin.  So they can't really relate and I don't think they can truly understand why we just don't say no to the Chick-fil-a and yes to the cabbage, but I digress.  She's basically recommending that I start taking a multivitamin (which I was planning on anyway) and a calcium supplement since I'm not much of a milk drinker.  She then went over the preop and postop diets that my surgeon office prefers.  First, the good news...there is no liquid preop diet.  Dr. Simpson wants a low fat, reasonable diet for couple weeks leading up to surgery but that it's.  Even the day before, eat your big meal about midday, a light snack in the evening and nothing after midnight.  At first, I was like "WAHOOOOO!  No liquid diet!!"  But then I got to thinking about Fat Bastard's most recent blog that you can read here.  In light of that and from what I've read in regards to what others have posted, I think I'm going to do a modified liquid diet for one week before surgery just to make sure my liver is good and shrinked.  I think I'll do liquids during the day and then a "sensible meal" (ala slim fast) for dinner.  We'll see. Here's the bad news - it seems to me that my surgeons postop diet is REALLY strict.  Full liquids for 3 weeks!!!  That seems like a long time to me.  Clear liquids only for the first day, then go to full for 3, then mushies for 1 and then regular food.  So the nutritionist starts going through what you can have the liquid diet.  Creamed soup (blended well), juice, smooth yogurts, coffee, tea, etc.  She basically said if you could feed it to a newborn (who doesn't have teeth) then you're good.  So I asked, "how about smoothies?" and she says "Would you give a newborn a smoothie?"  This ticked me off as there was no reason for attitude so I admit I got a little attitude and said "I wouldn't give a newborn creamed tomato soup either so can I have smoothie?"  She went 'heheh.  NO."  FINE.  That's all you had to say to begin with, lady.  Geez.  The other unfortunate thing is that this isn't the last time I am required to deal with her.  She's always available after banding for consultations (that's included with my program fee) but I am required to have another session with her after I'm banded but before my first fill to talk more about regular eating.  She gave us all a packet with the normal eating requirements (proteins, portions, etc.) so I don't really know what she's going to be able to add to that.  Of course, Ron has complete contempt for her and now, because she somehow thought I asked a dumb question (when there was this other lady there asking REALLY dumb questions) and had to get snippy, I don't like her either.  Also, she pulled the whole "and of course, you'll never eat pasta, bread or rice again."  I'm sorry but I just don't buy into this.  I know these things should be limited in our diet and that some people can't tolerate them with the band.  I am prepared that if my band doesn't like grains, I will give them up.  But never having pasta again just becuase it's not the best diet choice?  So unrealistic.  I've seen plenty of successful bandsters that indulge once in awhile.  Completely banning things from your diet just makes you want them more...even my surgeon says that.  Bah!  No offense to anyone who has banned carbs from their diet (It would be so much easier if I could) but I'm ignoring this no grains for the rest of my life tidbit.  So there you go.

Of course, all of this is dependent on my insurance giving me the green light for surgery.  I have my final weigh in (OMG! I CANNOT WAIT!!) next Thursday 5/20/10 at 4:40 pm.  Then the waiting game begins.

Other news: My oldest daughter is sick.  She has a fever and a sore throat.  Poor baby.  With all the recalls recently, I'm hesitant to give her medicine for it.  She's with my mom today who was kind enough to babysit.  What else?  Oh right!  My mom also had a garage sale last weekend to help me raise money for the 3 Day.  We got $130!!  Not bad.  The way we're figuring it is I need $1600 to get to goal.  If I collect it in cash, I can donate through my company for a corporate match so I really only need $800.  So I've got $130 from that sale, $50 from miscellaneous friends, $$ from my fundraiser two weeks ago (still don't know how much that is yet) and we're having another rummage sale 5/22.  Since I only need to raise $620, it doesn't seem so daunting now.  So feeling good about that.

I guess that's about it.  Hope y'all are having a great Thursday!


Sparkler said...

That nutritionist sounds like a knob...what I find annoying is people in the industry who've never been banded making sweeping generalisations about what it's like and what you can and can't tolerate as though it's a cookie-cutter experience. It just isn't! You'd have more respect for her if she said 'you may struggle with bread, rice and pasta, some people find they are unable to eat them.' True statement.

Anyway, just smile sweetly and suck it up...that woman stands between you and band-land! xx

Gen said...

Totally annoying nutritionist. My advice: IGNORE! Really, you won't need that much help once your band is working...and you can decide for yourself about pasta, etc. I am sure you can see that many of us have lost plenty of weight eating these things once in a while.

Watch out about trying to force yourself to do a liquid diet. I tried to do this and failed. (Because I did not really have to do it, so it was just another "diet" to me). Why not just do what they say? If you want to be sure about your liver, do low carb for a few days, and that will shrink it right up without having to do liquids. You have 3 weeks of liquids coming up. If I were you I would NOT do any self-imposed diet!

Anyway, the nut. will be a distant memory soon. Seriously, I am almost 8 months out and I saw mine ONCE before surgery and that was it. Unnecessary annoyance, screw her.

~ Katie ~ said...

I was totally prepared not to have bread or pasta again and even wishing for this *sigh* I can eat all that I want of the stuff- no problemo. That nutritionist sounds like a snotty butt. Glad you only have to deal with her once more. Fingers crossed for the green light from the're almost there :)

carla said...

You will know what you can and cant handle when you get the band. I am tight but I still eat pasta and brad. Same with me I only saw the NUT once and never to be heard from or seen again :-)

amandakiska said...

My nutricionist was a TOTAL skinny bia-tch TOOL too! She asked about what I eat for lunch and when I mentioned chips, she was very snotty and said it is okay to have them at a party, but not with lunch. The funny thing is the only time I've had chips since being banded is at a party. I still eat bread, pasta & rice.

Just nod your head politely and jump through the hoops. You'll rock your band and you'll do it in the way that WORKS FOR YOU!

Bonnie said...

I was so lucky with my nutritionist. Her name is Rebecca and she is in her 20s and so sweet. She recognizes that she doesn't know it all, but is there to give us guidelines. Sorry your psych guy was creepy, but by the picture he looks adorable. You're getting so close. ME TOO! My last appointment is on June 1st and then I have to wait for approval. I do at least get a surgery date, but it won't mean much until insurance gives the okay. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll keep mine crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

I am with Gen, forget the nutritionist. I eat bread, pasta and rice. I eat small amounts and don't eat it often but I can eat it. She is trying to make you diet for the rest of your life and that is soooo not the point. Hope you hear good news from the insurance soon. Also if you just do low carb the week before your surgery you will be fine with the liver.

Linda said...

I didn't have a pre-op diet either and did fine. I counted myself lucky with that one - I tried not to go crazy.
I agree with everyone else that the NUT's tell you worst case scenario. I was so confused when I left my first appointment, I didn't want to give up nuts, citrus fruits, bread, pasta, rice...
I eat moderate amounts of rice & pasta and do fine.
Good luck - you're getting so close.

Jen said...

My nutritionist was a self-absorbed skinny beyotch who basically said the same thing every time!!!! And I haven't seen her since! Don't put toouch stick in what she says you will be able to eat and won't... Your body and band will figure that out for you! I'll be thinking positive thoughts in Thursday! Since we live in the same area, we should meet!!!!