Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crazy Questionnaire

So I have my psychological evaluation and nutritional consult tomorrow.  In preparation, I've spent the better part of my morning filling out the OMNI Personality Inventory booklet for the psychologist.  Holy Cow!  300+ questions about my personality.  Some of them sound so tricky too!  What exactly are they looking for here?  I don't understand how this test would tell them whether or not I would be successful with the band.  I don't see how they would be able to determine if I have an eating disorder from it.  Maybe if I was a homocidal maniac, they'd be able to tell but I'm not sure.  I tried to answer the questions honestly but if you ask me some of them are open to interpretation.  Not to mention your answer options!  Way too many shades of gray. 

Here's a little glimpse at what I mean.
My options for answers is "Definitely Agree", "Very probably agree", "Probably Agree", "Possibly Agree", "Probably Disagree", "Very Probably Disagree" or "Definitely Disagree."  Can't I just agree or disagree?  Why are their varying degrees of agreeing?

Think of how you might answer some of these:
Almost nothing frightens me.
Telepathy or ESP has been important in my life.
I have very little personality.
Homosexuals should be allowed in the military.
People should marry smoeone of their own religion.
Things should always be stored where they belong.
People think I'm odd or eccentric.
Charms or omens have influenced my life.
I agree with the statement: "My country right or wrong." (I had to google this because I had NO idea what it meant).

I think by far my favorite question was "I often try to get people sexually interested in me."  Ummm...sure...why not?  I assume the political questions are there to make sure you're actually reading the questions and not just answering neutrally throughout the test but some of them started getting me seriously overthinking things.

Another question that my hubby (who also had to fill one out) and I put opposite answers on was "A married woman's primary role is take care of her family."  Ron marked that he definitely agrees working under the presumption that a married man's first responsibility to be to take care of his family as well.  I read the question as "A woman's place is in the home," so I marked that I definitely disagreed.  A lot of things open for interpretation.  Hope they don't find me too nutty to be banded.  I wasn't worried about this part at all until I took this stupid questionnaire.  Now I'm all paranoid.  About halfway through the test, I expected the next question to be "I am very paranoid about personality questions."  Definitely Agree.  Anyhoo...that's about it.  Wish me luck for tomorrow!  Will post after the appointment.


Amanda M. said...

Those questions are silly. The only paper work that I filled out was for insurance. You'll do fine though. I'm positive that they'll pass you. :)

Heather said...

Those questions are brutal. I probally came out of that sounding like a maniac. But, I guess they passed me. So who cares!? Actually when I went in to the office she just stuck it in a file and then typed during our talk. I wonder if it was ever evaluated or they just needed it?

amandakiska said...

That is CRAZY!!! I would have no idea how to answer those either.

Bonnie said...

I don't remember specific questions on my questionnaire, but I do remember thinking WTF!? I was really worried about the psych eval, but turned out to be a breeze. Either I'm more normal than I thought or the psychiatrist was crazier than he should be. :-0

-Grace- said...

I hated mine. Instead of paper it was on a computer, but asked me a lot of the same questions with the same annoying lack of difference between responses.

DiZneDiVa said...

I agree... the weird questions freaked me out... I mean what did my answers tell the psychologist? Do you read mechanics magazines? Why does that matter? "Do you drool while reading Cooking with Paula Dean magazine?" seems like a more telling question... BTW, Her restaurant in Savannah is delicious... but even moderation wouldn't help me there... Memories of the me that used to be! Still love Paula... but i just don't eat her food.