Friday, May 28, 2010

Request Pending & BYOC

Called the insurance company - no movement...the request is still pending.  *sigh*

In the meantime...BYOC...

1. If you could be a flower, which one would it be and why?
A Red Rose - classic, romantic
Or a Venus Fly Trap - those things are wicked!  Little Shop of Horrors anyone?

2. Which Sex and The City Character do you most relate to?
I guess I'm the anti-woman here but I have seen probably one full episode of this show.  I get the gist of the personalities but I couldn't decide...I just knew I wasn't Samantha so I took a quiz to find out.  Turns out I'm most like Carrie or Miranda depending on the quiz. When I was single, I was probably more like Carrie.  Married, I think I'm more like Miranda.  If any of you are struggling with this question,  you can a quiz at either of these sites.  Enjoy!

3. If you had a crystal ball or could know one thing about the future - what would it be?
Currently, that I'm approved for my surgery, all goes well and I lose a bunch of weight.  On a day where I'm not so consumed, that we have made it out of debt, own our home and my kids are playing with their friends in our HUGE backyard.

4. What's your biggest fear in your weight loss journey?
That I fail.  Isn't this everyone's fear?

5. Repeat question: Whose blog or comment spoke to you the most this week and why?
I've been really touched by how many people have checked in this week and have been sending good insurance thoughts my way.  I was particularly touched by Inspiration's blog today.  It is so difficult to face the skeletons from our past but she does it with gusto.  She lives up to her blog's title with this one and it made me feel fortunate for growing up the way I did and selfish for allowing myself to get to this state.  It reminded me that I haven't had any traumatic experiences that attributed to making me fat. I did this all on my own...there are so many out there that have truly had to overcome REAL struggles and obstacles and are coming out better on the opposite end. 

For those in the States, hope y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend.  Always remember those who have fallen for our freedoms and our country.  For those in the rest of the world, just have a great weekend.


Girl Bandit said...

Sending good thoughts your way. Have a great weekend

Bonnie said...

Hoping next week brings word that your surgery is approved. Waiting sucks!

Jenny said...

Great answers! Waiting is the hard part. We have all been there! Your call WILL come!!!