Friday, September 14, 2012

You Get to Decide

What I'm wearing for the Warrior Dash!  The Warrior Dash is a crazy thing but there's one thing crazier...the people who do it.  People come up with costumes and stuff for this thing.  Now, I'm not going in costume.  I'm going to have a hard enough time getting through without dealing with a costume and I'm still a little too insecure to go around looking for attention but I thought it would be cute to add a little zing to what I wear so I'm wearing crazy rainbow knee high socks and super hero tshirt.  You get to vote on which shirt I wear!  I've added a poll to the right side of my blog (at least I think I did...let me know if it's not there).  Please tell me what you think!

I figure I'm practically a super hero anyway.  So pick which one's your favorite and that's what I'll wear on Warrior Dash Day.  Yes, it's going to get muddy and probably ruined but I'm OK with it...I think I may have it framed...mud and all.  :)  Also, if you're a dork like'll enjoy  It's awesome sauce.  I may not actually buy the shirts here if I can find them cheaper elsewhere but I want one of those two looks.  If I do Batgirl...I'll probably look for bumble bee striped socks and for Wonder Woman...Well...Red, White and Blue of course.  :)

Checking in for yesterday.
List of NO's:
No fast food. Check
No carbonation. Check
No Starbucks.  Check
No pasta, rice or bread. Check
No chocolate, candy or sweets.  Check
No juice, milk or sugary drinks.  Check

List of WILL's:
I will work out at least 4 times this week.  3/4
I will limit the amount of processed foods I eat.  Check
I will go to sleep at a decent hour.  Check
I will be kind to myself.  Check 
I WILL stay on plan.  You betcha.

Good stuff.  I went to Yolanda's Bodyworks class... I SO love her!  It's seriously like having a personal trainer once a week.  I'm bit sore today which feels great!  ***NSV*** When we were doing the heavy weights last night, I could SEE my bicep.  I could SEE the muscle as I was doing it in the mirror...I could also see the giant batwing (maybe Batgirl IS the right choice! LOL) underneath it but my muscles are getting bigger and I like that!

I had a disturbing convo with the crappy boss yesterday.  Basically, HER boss has taken on a mentoring role with me.  We'll call him S...and we'll call crappy boss TDL (The Dark Lord).  Yesterday, TDL implied that S has been filling her in our sessions and kept putting "mentoring sessions" in quotes as if that's not what they really are.  Then she implied that he was only doing it to get a feel for what's going on in our group.  This immediately made me paranoid wondering if that was true.  I hadn't said anything that TDL couldn't know about but my latest assignment may not be complimentary to her.  S has always struck me as very sincere and straight forward so I would think if he wanted to know something, he would just ask as opposed to allotting time for it every month.  It seems too sneaky for his tastes.  He is, however, VERY business savvy judging by his history with my company so maybe I'm reading him wrong.  It's more likely that TDL is just trying to get in my head and derail my efforts because she sucks like that.  Ugh.  So glad it's Friday.

Not much planned for the weekend.  It'll be nice and quiet.  Hope y'all have a great weekend and how about a super hero Friday Funny to keep with the theme??


Leigh C. said...

I voted for Wonder Woman...Love that shirt. Where did you get it? I may want one myself:)

Ask Me About My Band, My Lap-Band said...

I'm on my phone and can't vote right now but I will later. I agree with Leigh. Wonder Woman!!!!

Colleen said...

wonder woman, definitive. I tried to vote, not sure if I did it right though.

jennxaz said...

Love wonderwoman..and red white and blue kneehighs!!!!!

I am always careful when you have conversations with your bosses boss because you don't want to get yourself in trouble and I am sure your boss is worried your going to out her for TDL that she is. I am sure all will go well but it sounds like to me that S realizes your boss is the TDL and is trying to get a handle on how best to handle it and is getting more detail info from you...but S needs to do something about TDL she is out of control and a horrible manager.

Steph said...

Wonder Woman!!!

RockBand Barbie said...

I think Wonder Woman fits you for sure!!!

A.J. said...

Wonder woman fo' sho'!!

Jules said...

I voted wonder woman and then became so distracted by the thinkgeek link that I forgot to read the rest of your post! Sorry, huge wonder woman fan and you would ROCK it!

TDL... uggh. She's icky. Hopefully karma bites her soon!!

Beth said...

Not sure where the vote thingy is but wonder woman is my pick as well. Your boss sounds awful and unfortunately all too familiar.

Jacquie said...


adorkbl said...


Ronnie said...

Well, I seem to be the minority here in that I voted for Batgirl. LOL

Also, you go girl - I wish I could see my biceps! I might not even have any. *pout*

Have a great weekend, honeybunch!! :D

Maria said...

Totally Wonder Woman!

Reggie said...

I say Wonder Woman too! Don't forget to get some arm bands :o)

Harmony said...

I NEED those shirts! in right this second.

Harmony said...

Also, Amazon has super hero socks that are awesomesauce.