Monday, September 10, 2012

Great, Active Weekend!

I am a firm believer that exercise doesn't need to be formal.  You don't have to go a gym, take a yoga class or join a crossfit group to get your exercise in.  I think for most people, the reason these things work better than informal exercise is because it forces you to schedule it into our lives, leaving little room for excuses.  At least, that's why going to the gym works for me... if I have to go, I will go.  If I don't have to go...well, I won't.  But for whatever reason, last week was full of informal activity that I totally count as working out and it felt good doing it.  Some examples...

I didn't hit the gym Friday and instead decided to run a mile with my girls. *NSV* The last time I ran with my girls was before Summer hit and my oldest would run ahead of me and then wait for me to catch up and we would walk off and on.  This time, I kept an even running pace and she'd have to stop and walk awhile.  I found myself jogging backwards (shocked that I didn't fall?) encouraging her to keep running.  I love that I can offer that encouragement to her.  After our 1 mile run, we got in the pool and swam for a bit.

Saturday, we went to the park for a couple hours.  We played with the soccer ball, brought out the mitts and played catch, and ran around on the playground.

Sunday, we walked a mile again...this time with the girls on roller skates.  It was  MUCH slower walk for Hubby and me as they're still very beginner level but it was good to get out.  Then we went for another swim and I ran home to get the van and bring it back to pick them up.  I made it home and back in 18 minutes.  Not bad since I wasn't in workout gear so not real comfy jogging.

3 days - not one of them spent at the gym but got my activity in the whole time.  It feels great being active and even better setting a good example for my girls.

So outside of the activity, Saturday we went to a friend's house and hung out so our girls could play with their girls.  It was fun but food was not stellar.  I had 2 small slices of pizza and 4 meatballs.  No alcohol - just water - so that was a win.

Then came Sunday.  Saturday night, our sleep number bed decided to give it up so Sunday I started dragging Hubby around to mattress stores to buy a new one.  He was not a happy camper.  At 11:30 a.m., there I am lying on a bed, deciding if it will work when my phone goes off with a text.  It's Jen saying she's going to be late for the Bandster Lunch and the other Jenn asking if she wanted us to order for us.  What the what!??!  Blogger lunch?!?!  Crap!  Totally forgot!  Luckily, I was literally right across the street from the restaurant so off I went.  I'm so glad I did because I was able to meet up with Jen, Jenn, Elizabeth and at long last, Lori who drove all the way up from Tucson just to meet us.  She's fabulous, as they all are and I'm so glad I decided to go despite wearing my "fat shirt," no make up, and my hair just thrown up.  
From Left - Lori, Jenn, Jen, Me and Elizabeth - I swear Jenn and Elizabeth are shrinking right before my very eyes!
 After lunch, I met up with the family to finalize our mattress purchase.  While Hubby was getting that taken care of, I took the girls to Wendy's for a quick bite since they hadn't had lunch yet.  I'm proud to say neither Hubby, nor I, had one morsel at Wendy's.  Incidentally, we did find a mattress and it's being delivered today.  Thank goodness!
My girls at Wendy's in their "Where's Waldo" glasses.  This made me laugh.  
So there we are.  The weekend in a nutshell.  Let's see how last week rounded out...
List of NO's:
No fast food. Check - even while sitting INSIDE a fast food restaurant!
No carbonation. Check
No Starbucks.  I went once but it was on the weekend so I'm OK with it.  If I only have it once a week, I'll be alright.
No pasta, rice or bread. Twice - egg sandwich Saturday morning and 2 slices of pizza that night.  Not bad for the whole week...
No chocolate, candy or sweets.  2 chocolate chip cookies the whole week - Success!
No juice, milk or sugary drinks.  Check

List of WILL's:
I will work out at least 4 times this week.  4/4 - I think between the gym and my informal activity, I hit this!
I will limit the amount of processed foods I eat.  Check
I will go to sleep at a decent hour.  Mostly
I will be kind to myself.  Need to work on this day to day.  I'm able to see the big picture of how much better I'm doing and feeling but it's harder at the end of the day.
I WILL stay on plan.  Overall, I think I did GREAT this week!  Much improvement foodwise over the week before and feel that this week will be even better.

I have my fill appointment today.  I'm super excited as I think this will finally make the scale move in a downwards direction.  I haven't seen my doc since December so a little nervous how it'll be.  

So there you have it.  My weekend in a long nutshell.  :)  To get this week started right, we need a little Monday DEMotivation...and this one I picked out specifically for my buddy Jen at What you lookin' at Skinny...


jennxaz said...

Good luck on the fill today!!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes...glad you found a bed!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

What a great weekend! Good luck with the fill, I know I always get a boost after getting one.

adorkbl said...

Glad you found a new mattress. Hopefully you guys will take it easy on this one and not pop it. Ahemm. lol.

Hope your fill is a good one!

Elizabeth said...

Glad you got a bed lady!!! Good luck with the fill :) It was great seeing ya this weekend!!

Jen said...

Yahoo for the fill!!!

So glad I texted you otherwise we would have been sitting there wondering what happened to you!!

Glad you found a mattress.. Lori's comment above made me giggle!

As usual, SO GOOD to see you!!


RockBand Barbie said...

So jealous of the meet up. I so wish I had bloggers who lived close to me.

Love the Where's Waldo very cute!

Ronnie said...

I love that you're teaching the girls how important exercise is!

And I hope your new bed is super comfy!

Sorry for the ridiculously late comment!