Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten Thing Thursday 9-6-12

It's been awhile since I've done TTT and I'm not sure that I have 10 things in me today but let's give it a shot anyway.  Thanks Laurabelle!

1.  I'm going rock climbing today!!  It's taken me 2 years to actually do it but BFF and I are heading over once she gets off work today.  I'm excited!  I've heard it's a great workout for your this true?  If so, I'm totally counting it as a work out this week.

2.  CNN posted this little gem yesterday.  You can be fat AND fit, researchers say.  Basically, it goes into this study they did with a bunch of obese people who work out regularly and came to the conclusion that fat doesn't necessarily equal unhealthy and that exercise can benefit everyone.  Nothing groundbreaking here folks except for the glaring missing link.  They did not include diabetes or prediabetes has a health factor.  Mmmmkay.  Great study.

3.  One thing I did think about this is that it proves my point that exercise also doesn't equal weight loss.  There are those who say they WILL NOT lose weight if they don't exercise.  I don't think that's true.  I think you'll feel better and be more motivated if you exercise so you're more committed and make better choices when you're exercising.  It all still comes down to FOOD.  Just my 2 cents.

4.  I have 5 meetings on my calendar today starting at 7:30 a.m.  Ugh.

5.  Here's another CNN tidbit -  The #NYFW diet: Part of the job?  It's got all your normal "models, bloggers, editor, etc. are all starving themselves for fashion and how this is terrible for you" parts (I'm sorry - one week of fasting or whatever isn't going to kill you...Overreact much?) but my favorite was this part about one fashion editor's tweets:  
She followed up with "#PRGirlDiet" regulations: "No non-purpose bread (ie bread baskets, pretzels, croutons) or candy/sugar. Basically anything fun. EXCEPT: frozen yogurt is ok."

The tweet prompted conversation over froyo toppings ("just sprinkles. One layer. No middle/ bottom") and how cutting out bread makes a huge difference ("Soon you'll realize your body hates it").

Bahahahaha!  Froyo with sprinkles is OK??  LOL!  Very random.  But also...what the heck is "non purpose" bread.  Does any bread really serve a purpose???  Fashion people...they make me laugh.

6.  I didn't work out last night.  I was feeling run down and needed some family time.  I don't feel at all guilty about it.  Rock climbing today, gym tomorrow and/or Saturday.  I'm still confident I'll get in at least 3 days this week.

7.  Special HUGE thank you to A.J. over at Wanna Pet My Port? for showing me how to unfollow blogs again.  I did some major housekeeping the last couple days and I can finally start following some new bloggers out there.

8.  This one's going to serve as my check in for yesterday.  It's lookin' good!

List of NO's:
No fast food. Check
No carbonation. Check
No Starbucks.  Check
No pasta, rice or bread. Check
No chocolate, candy or sweets.  Check
No juice, milk or sugary drinks.  Check - I did try unsweetened coconut milk yesterday.  Not a big fan.

List of WILL's:
I will work out at least 4 times this week.  1/4 - Nothing yesterday...but I'll make it.
I will limit the amount of processed foods I eat.  Check
I will go to sleep at a decent hour.  Check
I will be kind to myself.  Check
I WILL stay on plan.  Check!

9.  The AZ bloggers are meeting up on Sunday.  Not sure I can make it this time but I'm gonna try!
10.  Who knew I had 10 things in me today?  Thanks for the comments on my hair yesterday.  I won't be cutting it any time soon, mostly out of laziness and cheapness but I appreciate the suggestion of a long bob and will keep it in mind next time I hit the salon.  


A.J. said...

I agree that exercise doesn't necessarily equal weight loss. IMHO, exercise has to be ultimately motivated by the overall health benefits. If weight loss is the only motivation then I think it will hard to stick with it long term - especially if major weight loss isn't achieved.

I also agree that food intake (both what and how much) is a much larger factor. As they say, you can't exercise your way out of a bad diet.

A.J. said...

BTDubs - thanks for the shout!!

jennxaz said...

I should have texted you...I didn't work out either---gasp! I promise to do so tonight! What--you might not go on Sunday...nooooooooo say it isn't so..........I will cry you know!

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

I agree with #3. I only think that some strength training actually boosts metabolism. The rest is just great for your heart and keeps you moving in the right direction. Also, I hope the rock climbing is spectacular! That is one of my goals. I would TOTALLY count that as a work out!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I'm with you...I see a lot of newbie runners who think they need a giant glass of chocolate milk to "recover" from their runs, etc. You aren't burning THAT much! Food choices are such a big part of it!

Jen said...

Maybe not coming? That makes me sad.. this one is close to you right??
come on girl!!

Vanessa said...

Non purpose bread! That is hilarious!

RockBand Barbie said...

Non purpose

adorkbl said...

You BETTER come missy. I am going to be there. Nuff said!! lol. Seriously... please make it. :)

And I totally agree with the FroYo is ok comment. :) I WISH. hehe. That is why I am fat though. so me think snot. Boo.

adorkbl said...

*thinks not... not think snot. Bwahaha.

Leigh C. said...

I would LOVE to rock climb! Something I definitely wouldn't have done last year. Let us know how it was:)

Ronnie said...

HA, couldn't agree more with #3. Some people get so upset when they workout hardcore (still eat like shit) and then don't lose. I don't understand that.

I'm only ever upset if (when) I eat non-horribly and don't lose. LOL

Ronnie said...

Also... I have no idea what non-purpose bread is except maybe that "purpose" bread could be something like the kind you put in meatloaf to hold the loaf together? No idea.

Reggie said...

Bread used to have a lot of meaning to me. Bookends to cheese and mayo, lol! I like your new blog design.