Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bless Me Blogland...

For I have sinned.  I ate 2 chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  I beat myself up over it, I confessed to Ronnie and then I hit the gym.

So my list:
List of NO's:
No fast food. Check
No carbonation. Check
No Starbucks.  Check
No pasta, rice or bread. Check
No chocolate, candy or sweets.  FAIL - 2 chocolate chip cookies
No juice, milk or sugary drinks.  Check

List of WILL's:
I will work out at least 4 times this week.  1/4
I will limit the amount of processed foods I eat.  Check
I will go to sleep at a decent hour.  Eh
I will be kind to myself.  FAIL - Beat myself up over cookies
I WILL stay on plan. 

OK...Not a great start to the week but I'm determined to do better today.  I DID punish myself at the gym yesterday.  I hit my spinning class with Satan and it was awesome.  I'm getting to keep my RPM up most of the time.  I also did my weight training after and as penance for my 2 cookies, I did ab work too.  I was able to move up on my goal of sit ups from 24 to 31 so I'm making progress.  Tonight is running and weights.  I had also set some goals for October 10th..let's review:

By October 10th,

  1. Only allowed to spend $100/week eating outside the house.  We eat out FAR too often.  This includes lunches, coffee, dinners, breakfasts...ALL of it.  Eh.  We're definitely doing better but not quite here yet.  
  2. 9 weeks - I'm aiming for 1 lb a week.  That's 9 lbs.  I'm not even going to address this...
    • Subgoal:  Work out at least 3 times a week at the gym.   Check...I have gone at least 3 times 3 weeks in a row.
  3. Get girls signed up for swimming and/or gymnastics.  Working on finding decent places for this.  Still working on this.  Hubby's contract with big company didn't get renewed so not sure I want to pony up money for this now...thinking about it.
  4. Have $200 saved for holiday shopping (that's only $50 per paycheck).  I don't want to be scrambling this year to be able to pay for it.  So far, I've got $50.  *sigh*  It's  a start.
A couple of other things I've been thinking about... I still need one more 5k to hit my 5k goal for the year.  I've got to start looking into that.  I'm also thinking of renaming my blog.  Candyland to Bandland doesn't quite fit anymore...any thoughts?  I had once started another blog called "Deep Fried Pandaisms" and I still kind of like that name.  I'm not moving my blog or starting a new one or anything like that...just thinking of updating the name at the top.  Hmmm...will ponder. I took pics of my hair this morning.  I apologize for the angle...I was my own photographer and did it in my cube at's not that different from how it looks any other day....just a little smoother and straighter.  


jennxaz said...

That sucks to hear about hubby! Darn it was such a good contract..hope he finds something soon! Nice job on the straightening! I think you would cute in a Bob of some kind to show off your slender neck...just a thought...cause you are beautimous!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I agree - a bob would look adorable! I love the ombre in your hair though.

Way to go kicking your own butt at the gym!

Jen said...

You confessed, you moved on...

Love the hair! I need a better straight iron, mine blows!

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

I vote for long bob/wedge. I have fine textured hair and it makes it look so much thicker when I have that type of cut. Is your hair fine? You should change "check" on your lists (love those lists!) to are doing so many things (hard things) right! While accountability is key, so is celebrating what you ARE doing really well! Way to go Manda!!!

Chris said...

oooh, long bob would be cute! I like the straight look on you!

Sorry to hear about hubby's contract - may it lead to something better, and soon.

Kristin50 said...

I love the hair!!

I hope you read my blog today. Stop beating yourself up.

There should be NO bad foods. LOL

Elizabeth said...

Cute hair!!! I like the bob idea as well!!

Harmony said...

I am a big fan of the bob.

Also, nothing to do with your post, but wanted to tell you how awesomely proud of you I am for your spinning. My very fit husband took a spin class at the gym last week and he said it kicked his butt and was one of the hardest workouts he has done. I smirked and thought well, MandaPanda does it all the time.

Ronnie said...

I love the hair! And DO be kind to yourself today.

Also, $50 ain't a bad start. I think it's pretty smart to save up for the holidays... I never do and I'm always scrambling around that time. So be proud you've got something!

You know what you should do about this $100/week for meals thing? Do the envelope system! Put $100 cash in an envelope and only use it for food things and when that money runs out, just don't spend anymore. It's so much harder to part with cash than it is to swipe a card.

OH, and I love the idea of a name change. Of course I would, though. It's always good to give the ol' blog an update.