Monday, September 24, 2012

Wonder Woman Takes It

In  a landslide.  I went out and bought my Wonder Woman shirt.  The Halloween Store had it for a couple bucks cheaper than the thinkgeek site AND this one has a cape...yes...a little cape.  Thank you all for voting!

Thank you for all the comments and thoughts (and texts) on my goal post.  We'll see...I'm letting it simmer out there for a bit before deciding anything and overall just letting it...fester.  Yep...that's the right word...fester.

This weekend was good...rather lazy.  Saturday, my oldest had a birthday part to attend so we hit up Target for the obligatory gift card (yes...we've moved on to gift cards...this one actually requested gift cards instead of presents.  Really?  She's turning 8??).  So Maddie and I goofed off a bit before picking out a card and picking up a few household items.

Then my youngest and I had some Mommy/Lori time while Hubby took Maddie to the party (I don't do kids' parties).  We went to a splash park near our house.  **NSV:  I put on my swimsuit and ran around the splash park with her and even when other people showed up at the basketball courts or playgrounds, I didn't feel self conscious***  I knew there wouldn't be many, if any, other kids at the splash park (this is a little known gem in my area) and I knew she wouldn't have as much if no one ran around with her so I made sure I wore her little butt out there.  Then it was on to cupcakes.  Yes...cupcakes.  A new little cupcake place opened up near our house so we tried it out.  It was delicious.  Then home to paint her nails.  I think she had fun and I know I enjoyed having some one on one time with her.  Maddie had a great time at her party too.

Sunday was errands and laundry day...exciting stuff around our house.

I can't remember if I showed y'all last week but here's a dinner Hubby cooked up one night last week that was TO.DIE.FOR.  He made Italian sausage with peppers and onions and a caprese salad.  He even arranged it all cute and took a picture so I could post it to my blog.  He rocks.

This week is going to be hectic at work and my boss is back in the office this week so it's even worse.  Blech.  This is Hubby's last week at the big company.  He's on the look out for another job and has several resumes out.  Hoping something turns up.

I only hit the gym twice last week...just wasn't motivated.  I'm starting the week off right this week with a Bodyworks class once Hubby's home.  I will work out at least 3 times this week.  Interesting tidbit, a coworker has asked me if I'd be interested in joining her Ragnar Relay team in February.  I'm thinking about it.  That's a lot of running with "runner" type people.  Not sure I'd be ready by February but I've heard it's an awesome experience. We'll see.  How about a little Monday DEMotivation to get the week started right?


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I JUST DID RAGNAR!!! so obviously my answer to you is "YES, DO IT!!!"

Also, I am totally into the Wonder Woman thing, so I am so glad you got it - the cape makes it that much better!

Beth said...

Your hubby does rock, that looks awesome!

jennxaz said...

OMG you ran around in your suit in public---you rock girl! I was bad at the exercise and only got in 4 out of 7 days....working through some emotional eating situations I have found myself in and a little bit of depression

Anonymous said...

Ha- I was just going to give you the link the Chelle's blog post abou that run.

Sounds like a nice weekend with your family.

Harmony said...

We need a picture of the shirt!

Cheri said...

I think that is an awesome NSV to play with your daughter at the water park. I am not sure what (in her world, especially) could top that one.