Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Pics - None of Me

Whew.  What a weekend.  So the visit with the inlaws was fine.  It was civil and that's kind of the best I can say about it.  I don't have pics of the girls playing at the kids' play thing on Saturday as Hubby took them while I got some other things ready but they had a good time, went to their friends' house for swimming, hotdogs and cake.  All was well.  Yesterday was a bit more of the same.  We took the girls to see Brave first thing in the morning.  Great movie!   Some scene were a little intense and the girls covered their eyes (they're kind of wusses though.  lol) but it was a great "girl power" kind of movie.  I highly recommend of the better Disney Pixar flicks I've seen recently.

Here are some pics from the weekend.
Lori hamming it up - don't know what she's so bright!

The Birthday Girl

The big gift - a gokart from her uncle


Skateboard  :)

Banana Split Cake

Some details on the cake.  Each "scoop" is a different kind of cake (strawberry, white and chocolate) and instead of frosting, they were dipped in chocolate to create a smoother look (milk chocolate for the chocolate cake and white chocolate for the other two).  The "whipped cream" is buttercream frosting and the "bananas" are rice krispy treats.  So yummy!  Maddie loved it and that's what mattered most.  As for today, my gym bag is packed and I'm ready to go.  Heading there straight after work.  Very excited to get ready.

Short post today but gotta get workin'.  Monday DEMotivator:


jennxaz said...

love the cake! You did a great job!

Stacey said...

I seriously need that cake. No wait, no I don't. It looks so yummy!

JRD said...

Looks like you had a super weekend - your girls are so cute!! And that cake - mama, you are UEBER-TALENTED!! So pretty and I bet it was yummo...get down with your bad self with your gym bag - I'll be thinking of you! xo

Sarah said...

You are so clever to make all that out of cake! Did you find some sort of guide book or are you a secret cake savant?

Leigh C. said...

Those cakes kick ass!!!!!

Beth said...

Awesome cake, very creative. Your girls are adorable!