Monday, June 18, 2012

A Gym Decision

Well, not officially yet.  But definitely this week.  I've made the decision to go back to my old gym.  If left to my own devices (aka working out at home), I just never will.  I need the financial impact to guilt me into going at first.  Also, my support group to Vegas is growing.  Before I get into my gym ramble (because that's really what it's going to be), let's talk about the weekend.

Saturday was really nice.  Woke up, had breakfast (Hubby's biscuits & gravy which is absolutely TO DIE FOR, albeit beyond fattening).  Then around noon, I went to BFF's house for a lady's lunch and drinks around her pool.  One of her other friends joined us and I had a wonderfully relaxing time.  Her friend is coming to Vegas in October too so should be fun.  I drank way too much and add in the sun and I was...well...about ready to go crash into bed when I got home.  But that was not in the plans.  We had been invited to dinner with another couple that night.  It was with Hubby's exroommate (the roommate he had when we first started dating) and his wife.  Honestly, I never really liked this guy when I first met him but over the years, he's toned down quite a bit and I've mellowed out so now I think we get along quite well.  His wife is really nice and very down to earth which makes it easy to talk to her.  Anyway, we had a lovely dinner/drinks out with just the adults while my mom watched the girls.  Very relaxing day and desperately needed after the hectic workweek I had prior.

Sunday was Father's Day so it was Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast (I know, I know).  Hubby opened his cards, store bought and home made.  He gushed appropriately at the girls' artwork.  Then we we headed over to my parents' house so I could see my dad before he went to work.  I got my dad a new garden hose and for some reason, this was like the gift of a lifetime or something.  He told my mom later that he was excited to get something he really needed.  *sigh*  Men.  Hubby got a new smoker (think bbq on this one).  He's very excited to start smoking some meat.  :)   So once we left there, we went for a swim, then to lunch and later dinner.  Watched the movie Cars with the girls, practiced Maddie's lines for Wizard of Oz that her camp is putting on at the end of the summer.  She's Glinda and is very excited.  Nice, relaxing day  overall.  That is until I had a small breakdown over our internet going down for the second time in as many weeks.  The cable guy is coming out on fix the internet...AGAIN.  This is the third time in 2 months.  I'm getting pretty freakin' sick of it.

We have firmed up our Disneyland trip.  We'll be there October 10-12...the tail end of my daughter's fall break from school.  The Halloween decorations will be up at the time too which is kind of neat.  This seems to have inspired Hubby to make a big push for weight loss so that he can do the all the rides without worry.  To show my support of this effort, I cleaned off the rarely used treadmill that's sitting in the office.  We'll see if he uses it.  I hope he does.  And that leads me to my gym rant.

I know I'll fit in the rides at Disney.  I know I can walk around all day at Disney without a problem.  Those are 2 HUGE NSV's for me.  However, I've known this for awhile now so that novelty has worn off.  For me, my motivation is not Disney.  It's the Warrior Dash that's a week later.  I have not trained the way I need to and this stops this week.  My BFF and her husband are coming to cheer me on.  Truth be told, we've told everybody and anybody that if they want to meet us in Vegas, they're more than welcome but I haven't really been inviting people to the Dash because well...what if I suck?  BFF did the 3 Day with me and saw me when I was just sore, worn out and hurtin' and strugglin' so it's a not biggie that she'll be there.  Now HER friend, Barb (not changing the name to protect the innocent, lol) is coming as well.  We discussed this at lunch on Saturday and I told her if she wants to sleep in and not come to the Warrior Dash, that was fine and that I'm totally fine meeting up with her later.  She said "Nonsense! (not really but I can't really remember what she said)  I'd love to come cheer you on!"  Ummmmkay. we're talking about somebody who doesn't know me that well and I don't want to look like a wuss in front of her.  So gotta kick it into full gear as to not make a poor showing.

I'm going to back up a bit more.  When I began training for the 3 Day, I joined a gym.  I had a routine, I started trying out different classes and I began to LIKE it.  I worked out religiously for 13 of the 15 months I had that membership.  As motivation sometimes does, it waned, I burned out, whatever you want to call it so I let my membership lapse.  And I just haven't had that exercise mojo since.  A couple weeks ago, I made a bold goal of working out every workday once I got home from work.  The girls are at camp so I can spare an extra hour to take care of ME.  What have I learned?  That if left to my own devices, I will do ANYTHING except work out at home when I'm there by myself.  I'll do laundry, I'll do dishes, I'll play on my phone (hanging head in shame)...ANYTHING but work out.  For some people, the convenience of working out at home is very motivating for them.  For me, it's TOO convenient.  If I have to pack a bag and GO, then I'll do it because it's dedicated time to MY goals.  It's what the time is set aside for.  It's totally a mental thing and I know this but it's a mental thing that I can't seem to get past.  So, today after work, I'm rejoining my gym.  I'm going to talk to them about pricing and I'm joining.  I'll try to get the best deal I can but honestly, it's not going to matter too much as I need to just suck it up and pay for it and start going again.  And I will.  So there you have it.  I'll check in tomorrow to let you know how it went.

So a very rambly Monday morning post, indeed.  We'll finish off with a Monday DEMotivator:


jennxaz said...

good luck with the gym....I hope it helps you stay what should I do? I need to find that inner chi..hmmm

Kristin50 said...

I am so happy you made the decision, and I wish I could come to Vegas to see you!

I am certain you will shine in the race!