Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In the News & Other Stuff

First the other stuff...I haven't worked out yet this week and I don't plan to today either.  Night terrors have reared their ugly head and lack of sleep has caught up with me.  Hoping to have an early night and get on the work out train tomorrow.

I weighed myself for the first time in awhile last night.  I was at 156.  1 lb above my lowest but 2 down from my last impromptu weigh in.  Given how I've been eating, I'm OK with it.  I haven't been putting in 100% so I'm not getting a good return.  That's just the way it works.

Things are just crazy busy here the next couple weeks and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  (I know you can be overwhelmed and you can underwhelmed but can you ever just be 'whelmed'? I think you can in Europe...10 Things I Hate About You...anyone? anyone?) I haven't opened those medical bills yet.  I know I need to bite the bullet and do it but I feel like it's one more thing that's going to bog me down.  Hubby and I got into a spat last night but ended on a good note but it was still exhausting.  I'm "on call" at work this week for system assurance stuff and I can't think of anyone less qualified to do this than me.  This stupid one-step-above-a-zach-morris phone is causing me all kinds of anxiety.  My internet isn't working at home so I get to sit around, waiting for the cable guy to show up this afternoon.  My nephew had surgery yesterday on his spine (all went well, no worries) but it's his birthday tomorrow (I think) so I'm picking up a gift on my lunch today and running it to the hospital tomorrow.  I'm also dropping off a crib for a friend of mine tomorrow.  We are finally giving away our girls' crib.  I'm a little sad to see it go but there's really no reason to hold on to it at this point.  We're dog sitting this weekend and I'm pretty sure there was something else I was supposed to do.  I'm hanging out with BFF and another friend at BFF's house/pool on Saturday which will be a nice respite.  Sunday is Father's Day.  I'm not sure what we're doing yet but the gift is all ready to go and I think he'll love it.  I'll post what it is after since Hubby reads the blog.  Next weekend is my daughter's birthday and we haven't planned anything yet.  I'm pretty sure the circus is next weekend too but I can't remember.  My youngest daughter has her kindergarten assessment on the 20th.  My birthday is the 27th.  One of Hubby's friends has offered to have a little gathering at a bar for me for my birthday on the 30th which should be fun.  Then there's the 4th of July, the wedding on July 7th, and finally our trip to SC on July 18th.  My head is spinning with all there is to do the next few weeks and then work on top of everything else.  Definitely looking forward to my vacay in July, if only to have a minute to breathe.

So what else?  Oh's time once again for "In The News with Panda..."  This edition features a ridiculous study about how babies born via cesarean section more likely to be obese.  Article is here.  I'm not going into too much detail about this one because I just think it's so absurd to make sweeping statements like this conclusion.  A couple things not taken into consideration:

  1. Since more and more babies are born via c-section, doesn't it make sense that more of them will be obese, just looking at the growing obesity problem and doing the math?
  2. Women with gestational diabetes are more likely to have an induced labor which leads to more c-sections, could it be the GD that leads to childhood obesity as opposed to method of delivery.
  3. Is it just me or do these microbes mentioned in the study sound made up?  Seriously???
  4. As if to defend it, they compare it to studies that have found babies born via c-section are more likely to have asthma too.  What the what?  Seems to me, maybe they need to be taking a look at WHY women are having c-sections to begin with.  What other factors are going into these kids rather than, in my opinion, arbitrary delivery methods.  Ugh.  

Things like this just really bug me.  I know women who have suffered actual depression because they didn't get to deliver "naturally" and felt they had somehow failed.   Do we really need to add to why women may feel this way?  I understand wanting to discourage unnecessary c-sections but people should be discouraged from doing that anyway, in my opinion.

OK...finished with my rant about that.  Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit... off... today.  I'm not "down" or "sad" or anything like that.  I'm actually pretty happy that I'm maintaining.  I'm not limiting myself to anything and not working out enough so to not be gaining is awesome.  I'm just feeling really busy.

So...a Hump Day Happy Thought, yes?

And for anyone who didn't get the reference, this is a Zach Morris phone.


Catherine55 said...

I was thinking the same thing about that study! So annoying!!

Good for you re getting on the gym train! You can do it. BTW, we're practically weight twins.. we're within 2 pounds of one another! :)

RockBand Barbie said...

I totally got the Zach Morris reference. My husband swears I would still be using a Zach Morris phone if he had not made me start using the Iphone. I hate change :)

4 Smith's said...

In regards to the asthma and c-section thing, there is actually a theory out there that they think might have a link to rise in food allergies and the rise in c-sections may play a partial part (my son has a severe food allergy). It's called the hygiene theory. It says the children of our kids' generation live in a much cleaner environment. They play indoors more. Vacines are better. Medication is better. They are not as sick as often. Also if they were not born vaginally then they were not exposed to the natural bacteria the mother usually passes on. Put all those factors into place and this the hygiene theory. It could explain the MAJOR rise in food allergies. I mean think about it when we were kids did you ever hear of a kid have a peanut allergy? I never did. We have no food allergies in our immediate families that we know of but our son is SEVERELY allergic to peanuts. He was an emergency c-section. I'm talking ambulance ride and knock me out 10 min emergency with the vertical scar to prove it. Might be related to the asthma idea. I think there may be something to it. They say kids that live on farms rarely have food allergies.

tz said...

my c-section kid has a whole host of food allergies and asthma...but both run in our family...he was c-section because he was breech, thankfully even though I was overweight (okay obese) no diabetes. He is, however, super skinny so the obesity thing may pass him up (cross your fingers). My non c section kid however has a weight problem (we are encouraging exercise and increasing fruits and veggies, we are not putting him on a diet, but instead are hoping he will grow into his weight) so even though i'm just one person, i find that study about the weight issues in relation to the c section strange....I think the theory posed by the last commenter interesting though and will look more into that. Always love it when you bring news articles up in your blog! and also love the awesome note from the voice in your head!

JRD said...

I heart you, Manda. Seriously. Sometimes that combo of over/underwhelmed is a serious energy zapper. I think you're doing GREAT. Keep it up, lady! Hugs.

jennxaz said...

I get worn out when there is so much going on and YOU have a lot going on. I am a list person so I have to make lists or my anxiety gets the better of me...if its on the list or calendar I cope much better.
I think studies suck...I never believe them myself...but I love your topics..always get me thinking....good luck MandaPanda..your in my thoughts!