Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Today is the Day

I forgot to weigh in again today.  A fluke or something else?  A subconscious on-purpose accident?  I'm not sure.  I feel that I haven't gained but I also know I haven't lost.  I could expound upon why but we all know why.  Too many "treats", no exercise, no food planning.  Getting caught up in the day to day that led me to this place to begin with.

So new plan?  Yes and no.  It's the old plan...the same plan.  The eat healthy and exercise plan.  It really is so simple, isn't it?  We all have the same plan so why is it so difficult to stick to it?  Part of it is planning.  I gotta tell you...meal planning, cooking, tracking, etc.  It's all a lot of effort.  I don't mean to sound lazy here but seriously...the idea of it all is exhausting to me.  Exercise is a whole other thing.  I love the IDEA of exercise but actual execution eludes me.  Well, at least on the exercise front...that stops today.

Somehow, I had no issues putting myself first the first year I was banded.  I had no problem going to the gym almost every day and "training" for my walks and my 5k and any challenges.  For some reason, I haven't had this.  I have a major event (for me...easy for other people) coming up in October and have not trained AT ALL.  It's not that I don't think I need to.  I most certainly do.  My performance in my last 5k's have proven it.  So what has changed?  Why am I not putting my fitness first anymore?  I'm not sure how the priorities got's not like I'm not a good mom when I'm working out or that my kids can't go an hour without me.  They probably actually prefer it.  So what's the deal?  I'm not sure.  I'm grappling with it and hope to figure it out soon.

This summer, I have been blessed with being able to have both my girls in a summer program.  What does this mean?  It means...I have NO excuse not to exercise after work.  None.  So starting today...that is what I'm going to do.  Leave work, go home, work out, and then pick up my girls.  At least 30 minutes Every single work day.  That is the goal.  Obviously, yesterday wasn't really a part of this as I didn't have the plan in my head then.  So I could put it off until next week, saying that it's always best to start a plan on a Monday and that way I'd get a FULL workweek my first week but let's face it.  That's just procrastinating.  An old way of thinking that never gets me anywhere.  So today it is.  I'm committing to it.  Putting it out here for accountability so I expect tons of comments first thing tomorrow morning asking if I did it.  And my answer will be yes.  My answer will be "I went home and did 30 minutes of exercise."  No reason I can't.  No more excuses.


jennxaz said...

I hear the same boat...summer camp has given me the chance to work out in the afternoon with no guilt...but I still didn't workout yesterday....ugh....can you come over and give me a quick kick in the but around 2:30 today!!!!! I should be at the gym by 3:00pm everyday...I know text me 6026776977 and I will you if you want every work day so that we get a reminder?

Amy said...

lol....and I don't have kids, so I REALLY have no excuse ;)

LDswims said...

I may not remember to come ask you tomorrow if you did it. But I definitely expect you to post at least once a week telling us what worked and what didn't. I love the accountability of putting something on a blog and knowing that people want to know how it's turning out! I love, even more, that you are wise and are starting today!

Kristin50 said...

You are not alone my dear, I think we all become victim at some point in time to the EXCUSE monster.

You will make it happen, why because you have come so far and you never want to go back! I know this about you. It is what keeps you semi focused even though you cannot see that you are.

Maintaining a weight is not easy, some may think it is but it is actually not for most. So the fact that you are not landsliding back up the scale is huge, and it says that you must be doing something RIGHT!

Exercise is very important, and you have to make time for you because you my dear are WORTH IT!