Friday, March 2, 2012

Next Challenge?

notice that I would always have a PB or two the week before I was supposed to take the sugar pills and that was easy to track.  Well, I went off BC last month and I'm PMS'ing a bit and sure enough, that band has tightened up.  Couple that with the stress and I've got PERFECT restriction!  I'm not getting "stuck" really...things are just moving very slowly down and I can still eat but can't eat very much AT ALL before I just can't eat anymore.  Makes me think I've never quite been in the green zone before now.

Anyway, ladies and gents...I'm scared to death to do this but it listed as a goal on my 2012 list.  The Warrior Dash.  The link is here.  Seriously...this thing is INTENSE.  I don't think I have the upper body strength to do it, but it's only 3.28 miles and then 12 freakin' obstacles jumping over fires, climbing a water wall, mesh netting, military crawl, etc.  This thing is CUH-RAZY!  Proceeds benefit St. Jude's but I'm really intimidated about this thing.  I would need to start training NOW for it.  I'm also thinking I need this shirt.  I don't know ladies...freaks me out.  It's also like $70 but you get a free beer and tshirt at the end.  LOL.  What do you think?  Do I go for it?

Another issue is it's the same day as the Glow Run which I wanted to do.  Obviously way less intense but I like the idea of this event.  Then I had this crazy idea of doing the Warrior Dash in the morning and just walking the 5k that night.  I know that sounds absolutely insane and unrealistic but it's an idea bopping around my head.  That's only 6 miles in a day...with crazy obstacles in the first one.  Hmmmm....decisions, decisions.

In other news, the parent/teacher conference went really well.  We discussed some of the concerns we've had since the beginning of this substitute fiasco with Maddie's teacher and she completely understood and was very honest about the environment she came into.  It was about as big a mess as we thought.  We also found out that Maddie is one of the top in the class on reading comprehension and math, which is awesome. We're having her tested for the gifted program either this year or next just to see if she needs to be challenged a little bit more.  No big behavioral issues, she's just kind of a control freak which we already knew and have been working on basically since birth.

I also realized this week that I've got an image problem again.  For the last few months, I didn't mind looking at pictures of myself.  However, after the hike last weekend, I hated the pictures of me.  I look fat again.  Obviously, I don't look any fatter than I have in other photos (since I lost 2 lbs since the last photo, duh) and that bright yellow isn't very flattering on ANYONE, but my perspective has changed.  This is the new fat panda.  I am no longer content and I think that's going to make a big difference in my motivation (or lack thereof recently).  It's a little disappointing to feel this way after coming so far but not altogether surprising as I'm not at goal.  I'm 30 lbs from the goal I set for myself at the beginning of all this so why did I think I'd stay content 30 lbs away?  So the motivation's coming back...I can feel it...I want it.  And it feels good.

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Jen said...

My girlfriends, the Jens, did the Warrier Dash last year and they said it was awesome! The 3+ miles they said aren't that big of a deal b/c you really aren't running consistently for that amount of time b/c you have the obstacles in between.. they were sore the next day and had a lot of bruises but I think they signed up for it again this year! You should do it!!

Oh, and you are not "Fat Panda".. I hate that you see yourself that way b/c you look great!

Andrea said...

i have friends doing both the warrior dash and the glow run. They both look like so much fun! You should definitely do one of them!

Ronnie said...

Damn, I realllly wanna do the Warrior Dash... but I'm just not sure I have the upper body strength to do it. I hope you're able, how awesome would that be?!

And the glow run looks awesome! A friend actually invited me to do it with him, but it's on the weekend I'll be away with my guy. Sadface!

jennxaz said...

Don't you dare call yourself fat panda...go back and look at your before pics and see how far you have come....try to remember that girl and what she used to be are no longer her. I think you should try the warrior dash...I don't think it is timed and can you believe how good you are going to feel to finish that!

JRD said...

Girl, do NOT call yourself fat panda!! You are rocking out, and dealing with your LIFE. This is about our whole life! How can you even think about yourself that way when you're talking about doing the Warrior Dash! You know I'm just chiding you about it - I totally understand the dysmorphia you're feeling, but I want you to know you inspire me, and I think you're awesome. And maybe your body just needed this breather to really take on those last 30 lbs and kick their ass!! You can do it...I believe in you!!