Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Best Laid Plans

I swear someday I'm going to work out.  It WILL happen.  Some day I'm going to go home and just do it like I'm supposed to do it and like I've planned to do it.  Yesterday was not that day.  My mom finally made it back to town.  She's been up north for about a month, dealing with my grandmother's health, then the funeral, then getting things in order for my grandpa.  So I took the girls over there to see her because they've missed her so much.  I'm sure she's happy to be home and to see them too.  Then I had dinner with the BFF.  I knew I was going out to dinner so it was within my plan.  No worries.  We went to Starbucks after dinner because it was "Kids Eat Free" night at the restaurant and we'd had about enough of that and Starbucks was right next door.  So I did have coffee house coffee that was not really in plan but that's alright too.  Got home around 9 which is about a half hour before my bedtime.  Was not working out at that point.  Don't know what my deal is...just can't seem to make it happen.  But in an attempt to be kinder to myself (See 2012 goals to the right), I'm going to list what I did well yesterday and how I'm feeling this morning.

  1. I stuck to my breakfast, lunch and little handful of nuts.
  2. I said no to the tagalongs at my mom's house and remain chocolate free.
  3. I have been carbonation free for a couple months now (at times it's been difficult to say no to the Coke or beer but I'm doing it) and I've had NONE of that shoulder pain I was experiencing before.
  4. I brought my lunch today and am not going to be persuaded to go anywhere.
  5. I can walk sexy again.  I don't recall ever walking sexy before but I'm sure I did at one point.  I'm wearing an outfit today that makes me feel really good about me and makes me feel thin and attractive and something about the way the skirt clings in some places makes me swivel my hips when I walk.  That's right...I said "swivel."
  6. While I haven't started working out, I feel really good about how I'm eating this week.  Feels good to be somewhat "on plan."
  7. I've had quite a bit thrown at me at work this week and feel that I'm handling it all pretty well and that maybe my boss doesn't think I'm completely incompetent.  That'd be a good thing.
So over all things are pretty good.  Hubby is liking this job he's got.  Hopefully it turns into a permanent position.  If it does, we're thinking of taking the girls to Disneyland this summer.  I'm doing some research in preparation just in case and I'm an analyst (well, I used to be...guess I need to change my profile) and researching is in my wheelhouse. Not sure if the finances will work out, but if they do, I'm all about it. 

So that's my Wednesday so far.  Feeling good.  I have meetings starting at 9 up until I leave.  Going to be a long day.  So how about a Hump Day Happy Thought to keep up the good vibes?


A.J. said...

I am glad you are focusing more on the things you ARE accomplishing and dwelling less on the things that remain. Unfortunately, our little blogiverse has been a smidge hyper focused on what hasn't been accomplished yet and I am so excited to see folks turning that around. All this positivity thinkin' will serve us much better in the long run. GO YOU!!!!

RockBand Barbie said...

Yay for the sexy walk! I found myself "walking sexy" the other day...been awhile since I had done that :)

Ronnie said...

Have to say, nothing better than a swivel in your hips! Always great to have on clothes that flatter you, it really makes all of the difference.

I know you're striving to get those workouts in, but that it's a struggle... because I'm in the same boat with trying to find the time. Let's promise to get ONE day with at least 30 minutes of exercise this weekend. And if that's all we can promise ourselves, that's going to have to be good enough. We can only go up from there, right? :)

We're worth it, after all!

jennxaz said...

you so deserve a trip to disneyland...I hope it works sexy walker you!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Walking sexy, no to tagalongs and no barbonation. You're amazing!!!

Andrea said...

Good job on staying accountable!