Friday, March 23, 2012

One Size Fit All

Everyone has tried something on that said "One Size Fits All."  And most of us here in this weight loss blogosphere has been more than disappointed when we found that we were not part of the elite "all."  They've even had to change this moniker to "One Size Fits MOST" since it was clear that "all" wasn't true.  I'm sure we've all tried those on too, only to find much to our dismay that we aren't part of the "most" club either.  I think the biggest offender is Halloween costumes, but also shawls and ponchos, certain sweaters and undergarments as well.  Well, ladies and gents.  I happened to check the size of an item I'm wearing this morning to see if it was a Medium or Large and it's neither.  The tag says "One Size."  I made it!  I'm in the "all" and the "most" club!  I did a little happy dance this morning.

This got me thinking about the phrase "one size fits all" and it seems that doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers and the general population seem to think that all of us that need to lose weight can use a "one size fits all" solution to do it.  I think if these blogs are a testament to anything, it's that this just isn't true.  I suppose in the most general of terms, we can go with "eat less and exercise more and you'll lose weight."  But how much less?  How much exercise?  Cardio vs Strength Training.  Low Carb vs Low Fat vs Low Cal.  Paleo diet vs "diet" food sold in stores.  Running good for cardiovascular health but bad for knees?  WLS vs The "Natural" Way.  There are so many different ways to lose weight.  We all need to find what works for us and go with it.  I love reading about other people's methods, experiences and advice but I can't get too upset if those methods don't work for me.  My lifestyle isn't conducive to working out at 4 a.m.  It just isn't.  And if this is going to be a long term, true lifestyle change then I need to come up with a system that works for me alone.

Also, I did not mention this but I did have a NSV on the plane.  Seat belt fit just fine with room to spare, my thighs did not even touch the sides of the seat and I was between my dad and another kinda big guy and wasn't completely squished in like sardines.  I could even cross my legs during the flight.  Good stuff.

Not sure if I had mentioned previously (was trying not to jinx it) but Hubby has a 3 month contract with a big company here in Phoenix.  He started Monday and aside from adjusting to a corporate culture and still not having a computer at his desk, he likes it.  He's learning a lot and it's good experience.  We're hoping it turns into a more permanent position but for right now, we're happy for this opportunity.

No big plans this weekend.  Taking the kiddos out to breakfast and letting them try out roller skates tomorrow morning and that's the extent of the planned activities.  This is, of course, dependent on me getting my house clean today.  I started cleaning on Wednesday and am still working on it.  I came home from my trip and it looked like a tornado had rolled through my living room.  I've managed to get the downstairs pretty good but the upstairs is still a wreck.

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Inspiration said...

Welcome to the "all" club! I remember the joy of plane seats feeling roomy- such a great feeling! :)

Inspiration said...

Welcome to the "all" club! I remember the joy of plane seats feeling roomy- such a great feeling! :)

jennxaz said...

so cool and I hope your hubby gets the job and they extend him!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I have always hated the one size fits all tag b/c I'm NOT one of the "alls" either. I am so happy for you and your NSVs!!

tz said...

I remember how embarrassed I was that the big fluffy robe they gave me to use at a spa during a day at the spa day didn't completely close...I can't wait to be one size fits all myself...maybe one size is a little baggy even :D CONGRATS on your NSV.

Andrea said...

Congrats on the NSV!!! That is one of the best feelings.