Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 Thing Thursday

I don't have 10 things for today so #10 is going to pics from the Renaissance Festival a couple weeks ago.  We'll see if I can come up with another 9.
  1. I stuck to my meal plan yesterday.  Just to clarify a question I've gotten a couple times.  I do not track my food.  When I say "meal plan," I'm not referring to a specific calorie or protein count or WW points or anything like that.  All I mean by that is I ate what I planned to eat and nothing else.  A big part of my problem is eating on the fly...deciding for a quick bite at lunch, a bag of chips because I feel "snacky" and not wanting to cook by the end of the day so we end up eating out and I end up making not so great choices.  So when I say meal plan, I mean just that...I ate what I planned to eat.  I may not lose any weight this way because it may still not be the healthiest choices but it makes me feel more in control.  There you disclaimer.
  2. So a friend hit me up with this little gem first thing this morning - Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccinos dyed with crushed up Cochineal Bugs.  Seriously????  I'm deferring to JRD on this one....please tell me this isn't true.  I've got serious issues with drinking bug parts.  All natural...yeah but...
  3. So Hubby called the Debt Management people we've been using to help get us out of credit card debt for the last 2 years (make no mistake...we've been in debt A LOT longer than that...we just finally decided to get help 2 years ago).  He's got them working on a payoff amount.  I've got a bottle champagne at home (bubbles be damned on this one) waiting for the day we are credit card debt free.  
  4. Also saw how much the ER charged my insurance for my little stint a couple weeks ago.  Seriously...I sat in a CHAIR in a room with 3 other people from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  They did a blood test, urine test and ct scan and charged my insurance over $9000 for this!  The Urgent Care charged $350 and all they did was tell me to go to the ER.  Bastards!
  5. Hubby booked the hotel in Vegas for the October Warrior Dash.  Getting some point, MUST START TRAINING.  Ugh.  
  6. Ronnie and I have a deal.  We're both going to exercise at least 30 minutes this weekend.  Maybe it'll help having a virtual workout buddy.  We can do this!
  7. My girls went to the dentist on Tuesday and they are both cavity free.  Yay!  My oldest had 2 cavities last time we had went so I was a little worried.
  8. I'm about ready to kill somebody for chocolate.  I would've thought that giving that up for 40 days would make me not want it...kinda like sugar cravings.  Once you get rid of the sugar, the cravings stop.  Apparently, chocolate has something else in it (perhaps little beads of happiness that get into your bloodstream and makes the whole world seem like a better place) that makes it so craveable.
  9. I can't believe I made it to 9. Hubby still likes the new job and I'm super happy for him for that.  Also, got his first pay statement for his first week there and that's definitely welcome.  It's nice to not have to worry about money again until June.  
  10. Here we go...Pics.


Maddie is the one to the right of the guy

Red hat

First time my youngest got to the do the big trampoline...She was terrified but ended up liking it.

Who else thinks little girls in viking hats are freakin' adorable?

And Hubbies too

Maddie preferred a more animal eared look

Yep - a turkey leg in one hand, steak on a stake in the other.  Good times. (but low carb, yes?)

I had help eating them.

This is not a great picture but wanted to share as I don't have that many full body shots

Also wanted to share this one...this is a little ride...where 2 guys swing it back and forth.  It's not a big ride.  But I fit with both of my girls on the same side.  NSV much?

Me and a friend at Hubby's birthday celebration.  Just realized I have a HUGE head...

So that's what I got for this Thursday.  Friday is almost here...can't wait.  No big plans this weekend but just ready to get some more sleep.  Until then...


jennxaz said...

ahhh great pics....I miss those turkey legs, its just so far from me up in anthem!

Morgan said...

You look great in the pics, your hubby too!! How is his weight loss going?

I did a paper on chocolate in college and that it is a tricky little devil. It stimulates the same chemicals as...successful happy naked fun time. That explains why it's so hard to live without it!!

Jen said...

You look great in the pictures skinny-minny!! And the pictures of your girls are darling! Getting out of debt is enough of a reason to guzzle that champagne down, bubbles and all!!!

RockBand Barbie said...

Love the pics from the festival. Ours is in May...can't wait.

Yay for no cavities!!

JRD said...

Um, you are the freakin' cutest!!!! Adorbs for the strawberry juice mix we use in the Strawberries and cream fraps and in the strawberry smoothies, honestly, it's just a juice concentrate mix. I can the check the ingredients tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure there's no bugs in there - you're safe!! And I'm proud of you for sticking to what you planned - you better get down with your bad ass self, lady!!

Elizabeth said...

Love the pics! You look great :)

Andrea said...

Looks like you had fun at the festival!