Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Stuff

And so Monday is upon us once more.  Ugh.  Weekend went by way too quickly.  I bought my girls roller skates so that's been an adventure.  We were out for about an hour on Saturday and made it about 20 yards away from the house.  Yesterday we made it around the block.

Getting bills from Hubby's surgery in December.  Insurance was supposed to be covering this 100% but for some reason, they aren't.  I have to call and argue with the doc's office about this and maybe the insurance company too.  Not looking forward to that.  Forgot the bill at home so will call tomorrow.  I hate insurance companies.  It's just one headache after another with them.  I'm going to be getting my urgent care and ER bills in the mail soon too.  That won't be pretty.

Yesterday, I woke up with a newfound motivation.  I'm hoping it sticks around today.  Yesterday, Hubby and I planned our meals for the week and did the grocery shopping.  This morning, I packed my breakfast and lunch (no snacks.  I'm going to muscle through feigned hunger pains).  I've printed my training schedule to start this afternoon.  I feel more motivated than I've felt in MONTHS!  I don't know what change took place in me over the past week or so but I feel that I'm finally ready to make it to goal.  So back to some fast food.  I don't know why I'm struggling so much with this one.  Eating at home during the week, whether I feel like cooking or not, whether what I have planned sounds good or not.  This is a "must."  Now I'm not going to become a recluse.  If I'm invited out to dinner, so be it.  I'll go and enjoy myself and not worry about it but the "I don't feel like cooking so let's go out," deal has got to stop.  The nightly sweet tooth has got to go.  Starbucks has got to go.  Eating out at lunch 3 days a week has got to go.  I'm throwing these bad habits out the window.  I need more control.  Eat out at lunch once a week (but not this week because I'm making a deal with myself to stick to this part at least one full week).

So today's workout plan:
Pull Ups, Sit Ups, Lunges and Burpees.  Wish me luck.

So it's Make a List Monday, courtesy of Robyn.

We all have this secret dream……. What are the first ten things I would do if I WON THE LOTTERY?  Admit it, you think about it, even if you don’t play.  Let’s make it a fun amount too since this is all make believe anyway.

List the first ten things you would do if you cashed in a winning lottery ticket for $200,000,000.00 (after taxes).

1.  Set up trusts for girls so they don't have to worry about money EVER but I wouldn't tell them about it until they've gone through college.  They still need to learn how to work for stuff they want.
2.  Buy a house by the ocean and closer to my sister.
3.  Buy my parents a farm in Missouri and build whatever house my mom wants on it.
4.  Buy 2 new cars.  They don't have to be fancy but I want them new in the colors I     want with the options I want and they need to have a warranty.
5.  Create a college fund for my niece and nephew.
6.  Take a year off and do one of those travel around the world trips.  There are so many places I want to see and I've never been ANYWHERE so I don't want to narrow it down.  I want to see it all.
7.  Take the girls to Disney World and do all that extra stuff that seems so cool - tea party with the princesses, dinner with the pirates...the whole shebang.
8.  Quit my job and open a little tax shelter called a used bookstore & cafe.  I'd love spending my days talking books and selling baked goods.  And I wouldn't have to make money off of it.  It could be my little tax deduction.
9.  Buy new cell phones.  No, I don't need to win the lottery to do this but mine suck and I need new ones badly.
10. I'd find some good causes that need some backing...maybe even start my own nonprofit.

So that's my list.  Thanks for the topic Robyn!  And of course, our Monday DEMotivation:


Andrea said...

Hope things go well with the insurance company! Good job on the planning this week!

JRD said...

Great job on planning, lady!!! So proud of you! I agree with you on the snacking - for me, if I don't break the seal, I'm fine, but once it's open, hoo boy! Look out! One day down for that, for me, and I'm thrilled. Now I'm looking into yoga - gulp!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Annoying about insurance. I always have to stay on top of mine too. It's great coverage but only if I make sure of it. Good luck.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Ugh. I hate fighting with insurance company. Right now I am doing the same thing. My surgeon had my bloodwork done and for some odd reason they lab is trying to charge me 1400 dollars for it!! And I already paid my 300 dollar portion. I have to also call and complain again. Well aside from that I'm excited for your plans. they all soudn great and it's awesome you're so motivated!!!

RockBand Barbie said...

The rollerskates sound like so much fun!! I miss my kids being little and liking stuff like rollerskating.

Ronnie said...

Oh no! Good luck with things on the insurance end. And this is great news about the motivation! I woke up with some this morning, too... and it feels fabulous. No fast food just for today. Then it'll be, "None just for this week." Ah. It's beautiful!

jennxaz said...

I totally agree insurance sucks! I have to keep my going out to eat in check too! Sounds like you would make a lovely rich person!