Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Warrior Dash Training Plan

So I had to change my plan.  The Warrior Dash here in Phoenix is set for April 28th.  I went online to register for it yesterday and discovered all the waves before 3:30 pm are sold out (they start at 9 with 500 people in each wave).  Obviously, this posed some concern.  First, it's the end of April in Phoenix and this is actually held just outside Phoenix in the desert so it's at least 90 degrees but at 3:30...we're talking heat of the day, sun beatin' on you.  Second, I'd be thinking about this thing all day leading up to it, just waiting around.  Third, I would never make it to the Glow Run in time.  But I didn't want to use all these things as excuses to not reach one of my goals for the year.  So I talked it over with Hubby and we found a solution.  The Warrior Dash isn't JUST in Phoenix and the group that organizes this doesn't just do warrior dashes so surely I can find a similar event here in Phoenix or the same event somewhere semi-close.  So I am officially registered for the Warrior Dash in Las Vegas on October 20, 2012 for the 9:00 a.m. wave.  There's a couple benefits to this.  Obviously, it gives me a lot more time to train.  It also gives me a hell of a celebration once I'm done.  If any of you are in Vegas that weekend, come on out and cheer me on and we'll have some fun after!

So what does training for a Warrior Dash look like?  Well, for virgin warriors (that would be me), they have a 7 week training plan that looks like this (from their website).  2 days a week of cardio (walking/running) and 3 days a week of strength training for 7 weeks.  Simple enough.  They include videos of all the strength training stuff they recommend.  Well, that's all well and good if you're in good shape to begin with.  But I'm not...really.  AND this isn't just about the Warrior Dash, it's about being motivated and losing the rest of this weight.  AND since I'm putting this off until October, this isn't just about limping through it anymore either.  I want to nail it.  I want to finish in a respectable time.  I'm not delusional.  I'm not looking to win.  But I want to be someone who no one would think twice about being there...who no one's going to be checking on me a mile in and asking if I'm OK.  I want to hit a home run with this one.  So...I'm starting Monday and my goal is to work out EVERY DAY Monday-Friday following the training plan.  These workouts aren't more than 30 minutes long.  That's VERY doable and I see many of you hitting the gym almost every day and getting it done.  Now, will I miss days?  Absolutely, I'm realistic.  But it's important to have a goal and a plan.  So here it is ladies and gents.  My Mon-Fri plan.

Monday:  Pull ups, Sit ups, Lunges, Burpees
Tuesday: 30 Minutes Running
Wednesday:  Push ups, Planks, Jump Rope, Kettle Bells Swings
Thursday: 30 Minutes Running
Friday: Chair Dips, Super Man, Squats, Wall Climb

So a few'll notice there are some exercises on here that I can't do yet.  Heck, one of my goals for this year is to do 1 freakin' pull up!  I'm working towards it though and on days that have something I can't really do yet, I'm going to spend the time trying like hell to do it (such as the Wall Climb).  The original training plan was set up to do 1 minutes exercise, 1 minute rest, 1 minute exercise, 1 minute rest, etc.  Then you gradually work up to 2 minutes exercise, 30 seconds rest.  Once I actually make it to that, I'll look at what types of workout plans the "casual warrior" and "ultimate warrior" consist of and progress accordingly. And to keep myself accountable and award myself as I go...I'm bringing back the tracker (insert trumpet music here)!
I know it's hard to read but that's Monday-Friday and a little panda that's going to get added every time I complete a day.  Some of you have stickers, I have clip art.  So what am I doing on weekends?  So glad you asked.  Weekends will be spent getting in any "non workout" activity I can.  Hiking, rock climbing, bleachers, running up and down a hill, attempting monkey bars, walking around the zoo.  Basically, something outside of the "gym" type workout and getting out and doing stuff.  Also, if I get at least 15 pandas a month, I'm treating myself to a pedicure.  That's the reward.  So there ya go.  I'm going to do the 10k at the end of April for the Glow Run and this is in October.  Those are the only 2 events I have planned right now. I'll have to add another 2 5k type events by the end of the year to hit my goal but I think that'll be doable.  

That's what I got for this fine Tuesday.  Off to work I go.


Leslie said...

I think your training plan is excellent and I LOVE your reward of a pedicure for 15 pandas. Gotta love those pedicures! I also think switching to vegas is a great idea plus it gives you more time like you said to nail this thing. I have total confidence that you will!

Reggie said...

I am very excited for you!!! Doing it in Vegas sounds awesome.

Rachel said...

That is awesome!! I am signing up for a 6K in Paris on September 9th - love love love your training plan!!! xxx

Ronnie said...

Hells yeah! I wanna come Vegas with ya and do it. LOL

Okay, I'm realistic. But it would be fun. And your training schedule seems totally doable. :)

jennxaz said...

Awesome training plan and how cool to look forward to las vegas!

JRD said...

You are awesome sauce amazeballs, lady. What an AWESOME way to achieve your goal during the year!! I would come to Vegas JUST to see you and cheer you on! And then have a cocktail, of course!! You get down with your bad self - you're rocking out!!!

Jen said...

You are oozing enthusiasm in this post and I LOVE IT!!! You got this!!!

Linda said...

Love your plan!I know you can do it.

Banded With Favor said...

Good for you!!!