Thursday, March 3, 2011

Help From Bandsters Please!


OK...So I'm having a couple issues and I'm not sure if they are band-related or not.  So...I need some advice from all you bandsters out there.  My first issue is shoulder pain.  A few weeks ago, I had pain that seemed to start on the left side of my neck and then stretch to my shoulder (into my shoulder blade) and down my arm.  I'm 6 months out of surgery so this isn't like residual gas pain and I don't know that it's even band related at all.  It's just odd that the pain seems to come out of nowhere.  The first time I got it was just after my last fill.  Then it went away and now it started yesterday (no fill).  Any thoughts?  Or have you heard of something like this being band related?  I haven't seen a doctor about it yet (mostly because I don't like going to the doctor) but am seriously considering it at this point.

The second issue I'm having (and I apologize to my 3 guy followers can skip this paragraph) is an abnormally long period.  I'm on birth control so my periods have always been pretty easy to predict.  Since I had my last daughter 3 years ago, they're very heavy but still only last a few days.  However, this one has lasted 3 weeks.  One week was like a normal one and the last two weeks have been lighter but still there and it seems to come and go (???).  Lots of clots and stuff like that.  Ewww..I'm grossing myself out just talking about it.  Anyway, has anyone heard of this?  I just had my annual exam last month and the pap and blood work came back normal.  I'm looking into permanent birth control options so the doc ordered a sonogram as pre-op testing but I haven't gotten it yet.  Needless to say that this isn't only annoying but seriously starting to get in the way of my life.  Not only am I dealing with the physical thing, but my hubby is probably sick of me being in a perpetual state of PMS.  Again, any experience with this would be helpful.

OK...rounding it back out to normal things.  I did my workout yesterday but because of the shoulder pain, it was terrible... I only made it 2 miles.  Then it dawned on me, I just said "I only made it 2 miles."  In a 1/2 hour.  Only 2 miles?!?!  This is someone who was seriously winded after just a 1 mile not too long ago and here I am almost jogging an entire 2 miles in a 1/2 hour and I'm complaining about that?!?!  Who am I?  It made me feel kinda awesome that I'm beginning to feel so much stronger and fit and that I'm bummed when I can't get my full 3 miles in.  Total NSV there. 

Food question:  Anyone know how long it takes fish to thaw?  We took out 2 cod fillets yesterday to thaw in the fridge and they were still frozen solid when I went to bed last night.  Crazy!

So those are my issues for today.  Again, I don't know what I would do without all of you!


Amanda M. said...

I'm not really sure about the shoulder pain. Could you have pulled a muscle?

As for the periods, ugh! Ever since I started losing weight, mine have been irregular. I'm on birth control also, and I used to be able to predict mine. Now they come early or late - hardly ever on time. So, it could be related to weight loss.

As for fish, I use the microwave on the lowest setting and I put it in a bowl and run it under cool water.


Amanda said...

Goodness! I have almost no advice for you in regards to all of your questions!! I haven't been on birth control long enough to know much about it and I think it sounds like a pulled muscle...The fish..we ate cod last night as a matter of fact and it took a long time to thaw as well! I put it in some tempid water for about an hour after leaving it in the fridge for most of the day before cooking it! Took for ever!!!
I am really glad looked at the fact your ran 2 miles as an accomplishment because it is! Seriously!!! No only about it!

Lyla said...

Thawing fish in cold water usually works really well. Make sure it's protected from the water with a plastic baggy or something and just let it float there for an hour or so.

I've heard that some people with bands have phrenic nerve pain which refers to the shoulder area. But probably it's muscular.

Ginger aka Gidget said...

You know - even to this day, if I eat too much (like I can feel that full) I will sometimes get a pain in my left shoulder. I have a few bandster friends that say the same thing. :)

Bonnie said...

Sorry I can't offer any advice, but glad you asked about the fish. Now I know too. 2 miles in a 1/2 hour is AWESOME. Congrats!

Sarah G said...

I have heard that the tubing between the port and the band can sometimes irritate your diaphragm and cause that referred shoulder pain. I get it in my left shoulder occasionally too.

Drazil said...

No band help to give but I do send you healthy vibes!