Monday, March 7, 2011

Weigh In 3/7/11

185.5.  That's -1.5 lbs from last week.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this number considering how I ate this weekend.  I had cake Saturday AND Sunday, for goodness sake! 

This weekend was really nice.  Friday, my husband and I saw Just Go With It.  I actually enjoyed it...not your typical Adam Sandler flick (although a lot of the usual suspects are in it).  It was definitely more of a romantic comedy but my hubby enjoyed it too.  Great date flick.  We ate movie theater popcorn and I even got an icee but only drank about a quarter of it.  I don't remember those being so sweet. LOL.  Then we went for some drinks and then to a party my hubby's friends threw for him.  We had a great time and it was nice not having to worry about picking the girls up and getting them into bed.  Saturday, we picked up the girls and they had helped my mom bake a cake for sweet.  Then he got to open his presents.  We got him 4 spring training tickets to a Reds vs. Diamondbacks game so he'll get to see his two favorite teams play at spring training and it's something we get to do as a family.  I also got him a signed copy of his favorite author's new book.  He loved it.  I felt like I did well with the gifts this year.  I'm pretty sure he loved them both.  We took the girls to the park both Saturday and Sunday, ran some errands and just kind of hung out.  Pretty lazy weekend overall. 

I have an ultrasound today just to ensure that there's nothing specifically causing some of the problems I've been having lately.  So no gym for me today since they screwed up my appointment and got me in at quite the inconvenient time.  I'm going to attempt to do my 5k training on the treadmill at home tonight.  We'll see if I can stay motivated enough to do it.  For some reason, I have a REALLY hard time working out at home.  Seems like if I have to actually GO to a gym, I'm more likely to do it.  If I make plans to work out at home, I find other things I think I should do or I just get lazy.  Anyone else have that issue?

And now for your Monday DEMotivation...


Amanda said...

I have that issue! I tried all day yesterday to do a Wii work out and I just couldn't flippin do it!
Yay on 1.5 lb loss! And let us know what the doctor says!
I think your weekend sounds lovely and I know your husband musta loved his gifts! YOu are a good wifey!

Leslie said...

I love that picture, too funny.

I have a hard time getting motivated, period. UGH!

Ronnie said...

I, too, have a hard time getting motivated to workout at home. :( What's your hubby's favorite author? :) I'm always looking for a good read!

LDswims said...

That's awesome! You are doing so well!

Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend!

I am the opposite - more likely to workout at home than at the gym. I am learning it seems to be because I don't want people watching me. When we have people at our house for whatever reason, I'm less likely to workout...and it's the people that keep me away from the gym. I seriously hate being judged.

Sam said...

Working out at home has always been a problem for me. There are too many distractions :o)

nikki said...

Look at you rocking the scale! :) Way to go. And like you, doing the treadmill at home always stinks and I usually lack any motivation to do so.