Monday, March 21, 2011

44:11, Weigh In & The Weekend

It's blurry but true!

Sorry so blurry.  I only have a couple seconds to take a picture before the display turns off the treadmill and my hands are usually a little unsteady even then.  But that's right folks!  3.1 miles in 44:11 minutes.  Now this is on a treadmill so I know the road will be harder but I feel more confident going into it now.  I was hoping to be able to fit in some road training prior to the run but that's just not going to happen so I'll do my best.  I'm doing my 5k training today and Wednesday and then strength training on Friday.  The run is Saturday and I don't want to tucker myself out the day before.

And, of course, it's Weigh In Day - 184.5. -1 lb from last week.  Not terrible.  With the way I ate this week, I'm shocked to have a loss at all so I'll take it. 

Weekend in Review - Saturday, we fought terrible construction traffic to make it into town for Zumba but it was worth it.  It's just fun.  I enjoy it.  The air conditioning wasn't making it to the room so it got pretty warm but it wasn't like Bikrum Zumba or anything so we lived.  LOL.  Then we had lunch, hit the grocery store and hung out at home.  We watched King's Speech that night.  Fantastic movie.  Honestly, I liked Inception more but the acting was superb.  I can see why it won all those Oscars. 

Sunday, we did some quality family time stuff in the morning, some random errands in the afternoon, went out to a new frozen yogurt place after dinner and then it was bath and bed.  We did watch the first 5 episodes of Weeds.  I'm hooked on this show now.  Thank goodness you can borrow the series from the library.  Now that we've done away with cable, it's our saving grace.  The eating could've been a lot better.  I didn't come out of my binging funk as quickly as I would've liked but I'm on the right track now.  I've got my meals planned for all week.  Next weekend will be a challenge.  We have a "family dance" at my daughter's school Friday night, the 5k and lunch out on Saturday and then a Spring training game Sunday where we're planning on normal ballpark fare.  I think if I do well all week leading up to it and then only splurge a little at each event (and possibly won't at all at the dance or lunch) then no problem. 

Hope y'all had a terrific weekend and aren't hating Monday morning too much.  If you are, I have a Monday DEMotivator for you.


Dawnya said...

I love the Demotivator. Next weekend is going to be pretty full for you. Listen for our cheers during the 5k. You are totally going to rock.

I love the thought that the school has a Family Dance. That is awesome.

Lee Ann said...

That's so great you're doing the 5K! You'll do great. So proud of you for ding it!!

Patrick said...

A pound lost is a celebration in my book; congrats!! Not hating Monday here. Embracing it and its challenges and going after that which I want.

Leslie said...

Congrats on the 5k time!! So awesome, you are going to do great.

I really want to see The King's Speech. Is it out on DVD yet?

I love Weeds, we started watching it last summer. The next show I want to watch is The Tudors which I just requested from the library after reading about you getting Weeds from your library. What a great idea!!

Amanda said...

What an awesome time! You keep beating your goal! Congrats!

Ronnie said...

Great time! You're gonna kill it on Saturday. :)

Rachel said...

I think your training efforts are great!!! Good job.