Thursday, March 10, 2011

5K Progress

I've gotten a few questions as to how my 5k training is progressing and what type of program I'm using since I've abandoned the Couch to 5K program.  I don't knock the 5k program.  I think it's worked for a lot of people.  For me, it's just too focused on how long to run and walk.  I obsess over it.  I also figured after watching Biggest Loser for 18 billion seasons and now I Used To Be Fat...if those fatties can run, by God, so can I.  I have no formal program at all.  Basically, I set the treadmill to the 5k setting which will adjust the incline as I go (currently only using Level 1 so it only adjusts once up to 2% and then back down).  I'm training based on the 5k distance because even doing Couch to 5k...if you're as slow as I can run nonstop for 30 minutes (by the end of the program) but it may not actually be 3.1 miles.  I need to know I can actually run the darn 5k, so I use the treadmill setting just so I know distance.  Then I start out walking for 2 minutes and then I jog for as long as I can before I feel like I'm going to die.  Yesterday this meant 27 minutes without stopping.  At 4.1 mph, this gets me to just about 2 miles and where the incline adjusts.  I then walk through the incline (about 4 minutes).  Then, again, I run as long as I can.  Obviously, I don't make it the whole way.  Unless it's through the incline, I never allow myself to walk for more than 2 minutes at a time.  By then my breathing has recovered and I can run a little more.  The C25k program says not to do it this way because you could cause injury or get burnt out, etc.  I have yet to wake up aching and sore after doing this.  I credit the stretching.  I do the stretching machine right after my run and I haven't had any soreness, muscle pulls, leg cramps, etc.  Knock on wood.  So there you have it.  How has this been working?  My time has improved each time so I call that progress.  Below are my personal bests since starting my own program.  Will I be able to finish the 5k in under 45 minutes?  Possibly but probably not.  Will I be able to at least jog the whole way without stopping?  MAYBE.  And if I do, I'm calling it a victory.

Times to Date (3.1 miles)
2/25/11 - 1.8 miles in 30 minutes
2/28/11 - 48:40
3/1/11 - 48:25
3/9/11 - 47:40

This made me laugh.  This had to have been a long time ago because I don't remember a time when Lane Bryant's prices were the same as "regular sized" clothes.

We have a team outing at work today.  I'm not real fond of these people while I'm at work, much less outside of it but it's an afternoon out of the office so I'll take it.  We're doing a picnic/cook out with hotdogs & hamburgers.  Only my boss and 1 co-worker know I'm banded so I'm going to be extra careful, chew, chew, chew and hope I don't get stuck.  Wish me luck!

Tonight, we have a conference at my oldest daughter's school.  It's where my daughter actually takes us through some of the activities she does throughout the day (sort of a "A Day in the Life of").  Should be interesting.  So I leave you with a picture I snapped real quick of my girls at the doctor.  They're getting so big!


Amanda said...

Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!

I really admire you running. I've said it before but I am scared as hell to try it on the treadmill..I am thinking I will start when the weather turns outside on the greenway. Nervous!

nikki said...

I have not doubt you can beat your PR for the 5k. You still have several days ahead of you and each day you're getting better and better. You're doing so well! :) You inspire me!

As for your lunch, good luck! Sending "chewie" vibes your way! ;)

Leslie said...

Your girls are adorable!

I love that ad, made me luagh.

~Lisa~ said...

Your daughters are absolutely adorable!! What a terrific picture! Thank you for sharing! And I love the Lane Bryant ad too - got a good laugh out of that one!

I too am sending good vibes your way for the picnic! You'll have fun - it's always good to be outside in the sunshine and away from the office!

And good luck with the program you're doing - sounds like you're improving, and that's always a good thing!

Ronnie said...

Lane Bryant. *grumble* Hate that store. LOL

Thanks for sharing the picture, they're beautiful.

I know you can pound out a 45 minute time, you're gonna rock that 5K! :)