Friday, March 4, 2011

Thanks & Weekend Fun

Thanks for all the thoughts ladies.  Well, the shoulder pain is gone.  I think Amanda may have called it when she talked about pain when she eats too much.  I got the pain after my last fill, and while I don't think I ate too much, I think I might've pushed the fill a little too soon.  I KNOW I ate too much on Wednesday so it kinda makes sense.  Just another motivation to watch my portions. 

As for the other problem, I'm getting feedback that it's due to the weight loss and will eventually work itself.  I sure hope so.  Just pros and cons of losing weight, I guess. 

I have planned cheats all through this weekend so I'm hoping to just hold steady come Monday morning.  Today is my husband's birthday so I'm taking a half day and we're seeing a movie, grabbing dinner and then going to a party his friends are throwing for him.  My mom was kind enough to take the girls overnight so we're having a long overdue adult's night out.  Should be fun.  My hubby has been doing so well with eating and stuff that we decided this weekend would just be a he "can eat what he wants" weekend.  I'm being supportive.  LOL.  But I'm going to watch the portions as I don't want that shoulder pain coming back.  We're doing the family birthday thing on Saturday and not sure about Sunday yet.  That's about it in my world so as always, I leave you with a Friday Funny.


Amanda said...

lol..I love the comic!

Sounds like a fun weekend! Enjoy your treats! I think I might try pizza this weekend. I have been craving it like made! But since I just ate a string cheese to fast and nearly died...eating pizza might be pushing it!

Amanda said...


Have fun this weekend! I too, get shoulder pain from time to time if I eat too fast!

Shannon said...

love the comic lol.

Sounds like a great weekend you have planned. Have fun!

Ronnie said...

Enjoy your adult night out, have an appletini for me! Loving the comic, too! :)

Kristin said...

Have a great weekend! Sounds like tons of fun.

THE DASH! said...

Have fun, chickadee! I envy you in what sounds like a fun time coming up.