Friday, May 24, 2013

Pouch Test - Day 4

I graduated to firm protein yesterday yet found myself pretty much sticking to mushies since that's what I have laying around.  So I had 1/2 cup of cottage cheese for breakfast, 1/2 cup of tuna salad for lunch, 1/2 a small strawberry shake from sonic (I know, I know but it was SO good and I only drank half...not bad) and then about 1 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes with sirloin beef stew on top.  Dinner made me overly full - must remember to measure BEFORE I eat.

Borrowed pic from yesterday but it was identical - same plate and everything

Today - breakfast started with a 1 cup helping of the mashed potatoes and stew.  Lunch will be deviled eggs, and Italian meatballs for dinner.

I think this week has been a success.  We're starting paleo tomorrow.  I am of the 80/20 belief so aiming for being paleo 80% of the total time of my life.  LOL.  Honestly...looking forward to a salad or something crunchy.  I'm really hopeful that I see a significant loss on the scale on Monday.  We'll see.  No big plans for the weekend.  Going to San Francisco for work on Monday so just spending family time this weekend.  Hope y'all stateside enjoy your Memorial Day.

Friday Funny:


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

That comic is hilarious. :)

I love that you ate mashed potatoes for breakfast!!!

Connie O said...

I admire your stick-to-it-iveness with the pouch test. Hope the reset works for you and gives you some good results on the scale!

Chris P said...

This is a great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing your pouch test! That stew looks so good!