Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pouch Test - Day 3

We moved on to Day 3 of the pouch test yesterday.  I had 1/2 cup of cottage cheese for breakfast.  1/2 c of refried beans with 2 tablespoons of cheese for lunch and repeated that again as a snack.  I ate every 2 1/2 hours.  So not too shabby.  For dinner (which I forgot to take a pic of...sorry), we had scrambled eggs with cheese and a spoonful each of cottage cheese and beans....probably about a cup of food total.  And, of course, a whole lot of coffee.  :)

So how's my pouch feeling?  Not bad.  I didn't feel full after the 1/2 cup of food.  I didn't even feel full after the full cup at dinner.  However, as Hubby reminded me, my band has never made me feel full unless I've eaten too much.  After 1/2 cup, I was satisfied for 2 1/2 hours (these are mushies so I feel pretty good about that).  I DO think I need a fill but we'll wait until July for that.  Until then, I'll continue to measure out my portions until I get back to a really good place with how I'm eating.

The menu for today - cottage cheese, tuna salad and sirloin chunky soup with mashed potatoes (mostly just because it's a family favorite) or shepherd's pie.  I can have firm protein today but kind of sticking to mushies because I've got so much of it in the house.

I promised a mental state of the union post and you will get it....could this be a 2 post Thursday?  Maybe...if you're lucky.  :)


jennxaz said...

You are doing awesome on this pouch thingee...

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I think feeling "full" vs. satisfied is the hardest thing I struggle with. But I've read so many great articles and heard from my surgeon and we aren't going for FULL. So I try and keep that in mind.

I'm glad the pouch test is going well!!!

TracyZ said...

My nutritionist ABHORS the pouch test for the very reason you described. You're not going to feel full eating mushies or on fluids. It doesn't matter if your pouch has stretched, if it is the right size, or if there is something else going on - mushies won't fill you up. Once you move to solid protein you should really be "feeling full" with 6 ounces max of something like plain chicken breast.

If I were you I would make sure to weigh my dense protein when you do move on from mushies. That way if you aren't feeling full with 6 ounces of dense protein, you can talk to your surgeon and/or nutritionist about it.

You have much more will power than me! The only time I could follow the liquids and mushies phases were just following surgery. Any other time I have tried, I failed. Impressive! :)