Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Fun Day

No, it's not really a fun day but I liked the title.  How'd yesterday go?

Breakfast: Bagel and Starbucks
Lunch: Salad with turkey.
Appetizers: Chips with Cheese Dip.
Dinner: Steak and mashed potatoes.
Stress Relievers: 2 glasses of wine, 1/4 pint of Ben & Jerry's and a 10.8 mile bike ride

I'm sure you see the areas for improvement.  LOL.  Working on it...working on it.

Today, I have managed to skip breakfast somehow.  Not really sure how that happened.  I have left over steak and mashed potatoes for lunch.  Burgers and chips for dinner.  I might have a salad instead.  That would be the smart thing to do.  We shall see.

I'm planning a walk tonight as opposed to a bike ride as my bum is a bit sore from the ride last night.  These aren't races people...

If you ride a bike to the store to pick up ice cream and then eat ice cream, does it cancel out?  Hmmm....


Jules said...

I've told my girls before that they could only have ice cream if they biked to the store to buy it :)

Stevie Hanna said...

lol Sometimes I make myself a deal that I can only have that candybar, ice cream or whatever junk I'm wanting if I WALK my happy big butt to the store to get it. Most of the time I think it's not worth the effort but if I'm really willing to go the distance for it (our walk to the store is far) then I give it to myself bc I must REALLY want it.

jennxaz said...

well don't over due it on the knee!!!!!!! missing you from AZ