Monday, August 1, 2011

Weigh In and July In Review

Weigh In: 168.5.  - 1/2 lb since last week.  Still 1/2 up from my lowest.

July in Review...from a weight loss perspective, it sucked.  From an exercise perspective, it sucked.  I have hovered at this weight for at least 2 months and I'm absolutely sick of it.  Once again, it's Monday morning and I see that any good I've done the past week was undone by the weekend.  Once again, I find myself doing what I always used to do in weight loss efforts and vow that this will be the week I get "back on track" and really start putting forth the effort.  *sigh*  An old broken record.

In an effort to see some sort of loss on the scale in August, I'm setting the same exercise goal I set for myself in July.  Why not?  I didn't hit it and by God, eventually I will.  I made it 430 minutes in July.  Pathetic - just over half way.  I have set the 800 minutes goal for August.  This is the last week of summer vacation for my kids.  With a start to their new schedules, I'm going to attempt to get a new exercise schedule going on as well.  August is still miserably hot in AZ so family active time is still just relegated to the pool.  This week, my goal is to go 3 times.  Next week, we'll start the big push to exercise.  Also, Mud Run is less than 2 months away, it's time to start training hard for that.  The up side is I may have a new workout buddy.  She's finding it hard to get motivated to exercise also so we'll see how that shakes out.

Food.  My breakfasts and lunches are already made and portioned out.  Nothing but healthy snacks in the house.  Dinners are planned.  No reason to stray from the plan this week.

Weekend Plan.  Stop giving myself a free pass on the weekend.  This past weekend was completely undone by two birthday parties on Saturday where I ate at both and had cake at BOTH.  Absurd.  Sunday found me eating a whole bag (albeit split between the kids, hubby and me but still...) of oreos.  That's right.  OREOS.  Delicious but come on!  I must do better on the weekends.  Also, I need to make sure I'm drinking water on the weekends.  Somehow I just don't drink much of anything on Saturday and Sunday even though I'm so good with it the rest of the week.  And of course, I'm outside more on the weekends so that coupled with no water equals water retention on Monday.  Beautiful.

Today is already off to a bad start.  I try to get ready as quietly and as much in the dark as possible in the mornings as not to wake up my hubby.  This morning, I turned off the bathroom light to go downstairs and ran face first into the door.  Right out of a sitcom I swear.  I'm surprised I don't have a black eye.  It freakin' hurts!  I took some advil once I got to work; hopefully that'll start helping here any minute.  *sigh*  Should've called in this morning. enough with all that negative nelly stuff.  This will be a better week.  I've got a plan and I'm fairly motivated.  Hubby has 3 possible job leads - the first one is the one he has his 3rd interview for this week and the other two are ones we're trying very hard to GET interviews for.  Hopefully our luck is starting to change and we're gaining some momentum.  Speaking of Hubby, he got his first fill on Friday.  While there's not a big difference yet, he's starting to get those gentle reminders when he eats too fast or too much so he's off to a good start.  I'm already seeing a big difference in his portions.  Tomorrow is our 8 year wedding anniversary so I'll do a "Why I Love My Hubby" post then.

With high hopes for my hubby's job interview and leads, here is your Monday DEMotivator:


Leslie said...

I love this Demotivator! Very funny. I'd love that chance too.

This week will be a better week!! I just know it, because it's going to be better for me too. LOL.

You will hit that goal right out of the park this month, I know you will!!

Anonymous said...

Manda, Today starts a new week and a new month you will rock both. Have faith in yourself and don't allow little things to demotivate you. So you ate some oreos, it is done with, move on and make the rest of the day/week/month healthy. We are behind you.

Amanda said...

I have so been there first thing in the morning! I still don't know why I haven't broken a toe or a nose!

I am with you girl! July sucked for weightloss for me! None really. Come the heck on! I am exercising like mad!

August-o-august will you bring me and my Manda some loss please!!?

Amanda said...

I am eating a ton! I just had a serving of meatballs..which is 8 for 200 calories and I could eat 8 more!!!!! gggrrrr

Andrea said...

I know that's frustrating to not see your weight move on the scale! It sounds like you have a good plan to see the numbers start dropping again!

Good luck to your hubby on the jobs!

~Lisa~ said...

July is gone, and August is a brand new month!! WE, my Friend, are going to do this!!

Sorry about the bump... And know that I am sending prayers and good vibes for your Hubs!


Ronnie said...

You can do it, Manda. All of it, the 1/2 pound, the being "good" on the weekends, the 800 minutes, I have faith in you! :)

Good luck to hubby with his interviews, and yay for his first fill!