Monday, August 15, 2011

Weigh In 8/15/11

166.5.  That's -1.5 lb from last week, a new low and the first real progress I've had in months!  Very, very happy to see this!  Feels like some of the work, food wise, I did last week paid off.  Hopefully this week will be good too.

It seems like hearing "Manic Monday" on the radio at 5:00 a.m. Monday morning is just the perfect way to start the week.

Ever been so broke, you considered taking toilet paper from work just so you wouldn't have to buy some?  No?  Me neither.

Hubby got a job offer!  Thanks to all the nice thoughts and well wishes, he did get a job offer with a federal agency.  The pay is so-so...pretty much will keep us even but it involves relocating across the country, closer to his brother and my sister so we're very excited about that.  Also, the potential for more money is much higher than at his current position so in the long run, we think it's a good move.  There's an extensive background check that can take anywhere from 3-6 months so we have no idea when a move may be or when I can even start looking for a job since we don't have any kind of estimate of when he may start.  But that's OK.  We'll work it all out one way or another.  We're very excited about the opportunity!  We're still hoping for another job to work out (would just be better financially and wouldn't involve relocating) but it seems we're finally gaining some momentum in the right direction.

I suppose that's about it in my neck of the woods.  Weekend went by way too quickly but doesn't it always?  We have our meals planned for the rest of the week and I see no reason to stray.  We'll see how that goes.  In honor of the whole debt ceiling crisis thing being avoided, the stock market tanking but us finding a new employment opportunity, I found an "economic" Monday DEMotivator.


Amanda said...

Yay on the job offer! And you know what? A move might be good! But hopefully a better job will come before that! Way to freaking go on the 1.5 lb loss! My turn darnit!

Anonymous said...

That's it??!! Your broke through and are losing again, hubby got a job offer, and you might be moving. That's a lot!

chloes_countdown said...

Congrats on the loss!!!! that's great news.
Also, so glad hubby got an offer. sounds like a big week in your world.


o.c. bandster said...

congrats on the loss and the job for hubby!! yipee

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the loss! What area are you possibly headed to, becuase you know you'll find fellow bandsters in the nearish area. We're everywhere!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like excitingness it happening - congrats on the loss!

Ronnie said...

Great loss! And so happy for the job opportunity. Everything will turn out the way it's supposed to! :)

Kristin50 said...

Congratulations on the job offer! I hope everything works out sooner than later for you on that front!

As for your weight loss WOO HOO! SO exciting