Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Already

Yes I weighed in.  Yes I gained.  That is all I'll say about that.

Weekend was good but a rather sluggish one.  We did virtually nothing.  We read books, worked with kids on their homework and workbooks stuff, went swimming and that was about it.  We did go grocery shopping so the meals are planned.  Hopefully we'll stick with it this week.  I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve or something over the weekend.  My mother thinks it's a pinched nerve because my dad gets it once in awhile when he's stressed out.  This could definitely be it.  Basically the whole upper left side of my body hurts.  It's starts in the neck/shoulder and goes down my side to about my thigh.  Sucks.  Aleve seems to be helping.  The eye twitch is also back in full force.  I found this out as I tried to put eyeliner on it this morning.  What else?  Oh yeah...we got a bill from Hubby's surgical center for his lapband surgery...$22k!  According to this bill, our insurance company didn't pay anything and we owe the full amount.  Now, we know this is crap as we've been receiving statements from our insurance company outlining everything they've paid so far.  So I'll be placing a call to the insurance coordinator guy at our surgeon's office to see if he can clear everything up.  I will say that this is one headache we don't need on top of everything else that's gone on lately.

Hubby has been working on a packet for his background check.  His job offer was with a federal agency and the background check is absurd!  It's like 30 pages long...every address he's ever lived, every job he's ever had, etc.  I'll be honest...I had a hard time remembering apartment numbers and stuff from 10 years ago.  Luckily, he's pretty organized so he's got it together and is submitting it today.  It can take up to 6 months to complete the check so no ETA on when we know how he did.  The only part we're particularly concerned about is the credit check.  With the foreclosure, it's not great but I hope it doesn't mess anything up.

I guess that's about it around here.  The girls are doing well in school and we've started an award chart this week to try to address some behavioral issues that have popped up over the last couple weeks.  Hopefully this will help.  And for your Monday DEMotivation.


Red Riding Hood said...

Ouch! What a bill! Hopefully the insurance guy can sort it out for you, that is definitely something you don't need.

Hang in there, it sounds like you are dealing with your fair share of stress. Try to have a moment or two to yourself during the day. Deep breaths!

Dawnya said...

I can relate to the background check thing. Tell your hubby to be completely honest about the forclosure and to show how you are working on rebuilding your credit since that happened.

He should be fine.

I'm looking forward to my week of planned meals. I actually shopped only for the meals I'm going to eat. Can't wait to cook my dinner tonight. Spicy rubbed shirmp tacos!!

Kristin50 said...

I hope you get that straightened out sounds like a posting error on the part of the facility. You certainly have your stress. I know how life happens it is what sent me over the edge and eating all things that went easily through my band.

I hate when my scale shows a 1 or 2 pounds gain it makes me crazy.

You are doing fabulous!

Cece said...

Hope your twitch goes away soon ! and your weekend was my kind of weekend :) My insurance pays at 50% and the bills are starting to roll in ... not good. Cute poster ... and so true !

Ronnie said...

Whew, $22k - that's highway robbery!

I'm glad your insurance covered it! :)