Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to Zumba!

I zumba'd yesterday for the first time in months and it was great!  My husband's friend's wife (get that?) joined my gym a few months back but hasn't really gone much.  She likes to have someone to work out with and stay motivated.  For the last few months, she asked how I like the gym and how I stay motivated to go, how I work it into my schedule and whatever.  So she was at one of the birthday parties we went to last weekend and she mentioned how she hasn't gone to the gym in forever and if I'd be interested in working out with her.  "Sure!" I said.  Always happy to have a workout buddy.  So she emailed me yesterday to see if I wanted to Zumba last night.  "Sure!" I said.  OK.  I was a little nervous.  She's super skinny and I'm, well, as you know...I'm not.  So exercising with super skinny people intimidates me.  AND the Zumba class was at 8:00 which doesn't sound late to most people but to me, it's right when the girls go down and I'm off to bed right after them.  But I never used to work out at 4:00 in the morning either so what the hey?  So I went and this lady is just so nice.  She barely sweats which is a little unnerving as I'm dripping all over the place but at the end, she said it was a good workout and she'd love for us to keep eachother motivated.  I think I may have made a new friend and for anyone who's followed for any amount of time knows...that's unusual for me.

So I added 65 minutes to my exercise goal.  And yes, I count the cool down.  I mean..I'm stretching...that's exercise.  This lady worked us the full hour and then finally did the cool down, taking an extra 5.  If I'm sweating an extra 5, I'm counting it darnit!

While I'm still on the gym topic.  Let's talk workout clothes.  Each time I would start a new workout regimen, join a new gym, "commit to losing weight," etc. I would buy new workout clothes.  They had to fit just right, look OK and allow me to blend in with my surroundings.  It's like I was dressing for a role in a play.  And because I was always a different size every time I attempted to start working out, I'd have to go buy new stuff.  Duh!  I can't workout in just anything!  So last night, I'm changing into my gym stuff and I realize that this is the same gym stuff I had 60 lbs ago and it's starting to show.  The arm holes in my shirts are just huge and they're baggy.  The pants...well, thank goodness for drawstrings.  So I was thinking "I should get some new workout clothes...nah.  They're just workout clothes."  Isn't that funny?  When I'm fat and not really changing a lifestyle, I need to dress the part but when I have committed and am actually getting somewhere, I don't care.  Here's the epiphany (thanks for hanging with me until I got to the point): was like I had to dress the part so people would think I belong there - at the gym.  Now, I don't feel I need to dress the part because I KNOW I belong there.  Very cool.

Hubby job news:  He had a prescreening interview yesterday with a big company and it went we're hoping for an official interview sometime in the next week or so.  He has his third interview for the first job today.  And he has an interview for an even bigger company on Friday.  I'm attributing all these new opportunities to all of your good thoughts out there in the universe. Keep 'em coming!  If even one of these jobs pan out, it will make life just a little better for us.

Boring weekend ahead.  We've got "Meet the Teacher" at Maddie's school tonight.  Very exciting.  But the rest of the weekend is just cleaning, laundry and getting more organized around the house.  Exciting stuff.  So here's your Thursday Tickle:


Catherine55 said...

" was like I had to dress the part so people would think I belong there - at the gym. Now, I don't feel I need to dress the part because I KNOW I belong there."

That is so so awesome, Manda. And a major NSV -- so reflective of a big mindset change! (Of course, if you want a new outfit, you totally deserve one!) :) And I'd count that 5 minutes too -- stretching is important!

~Lisa~ said...

I loved reading about the various sizes of workout clothes - I'm right along with you!! In fact, I've been digging them out and going through them lately and can't wait to get back into the smaller ones.. Will I buy new ones? Nahhhh.. With what I've spent in the past, I have enough workout clothes to last a LONG time...

Good luck to the Hubs!!

Kristin50 said...

I tired Zumba a couple of months ago and it nearly killed me. Now that I am down 20 pounds I am heading back. I really love to dance! It is hard work. Glad you went.

Amanda said...

I know exactly what you mean regarding clothing and I am exactly the same way! Each new thing..I would pick out the clothes. I still do it but I don't feel like a poser anymore!

Good luck with the job, mandapanda's hubby! Good vibes are being sent!

Shannon said...

lol I love the comic!

tell your hubby good luck!

Jen said...

You are rocking on the working out! I can't wait to get back to zumba and I think it's more fun to do it with a friend!

Good luck to your hubs! Keep us posted! And when are we going to meet???

Leslie said...

That is a MAJOR NSV and I have noticed I don't care as much what I wear to exercise in the more weight I lose, I just want to be comfortable.

Sending more good vibes out there to your Husband!!

Lee Ann said...

OKay, zumba really intimidates me because I fear it requires grace and coordination. I have neither. I can do spinning and strength classes but zumba scares me. So how was working out that late? I'm always afraid if I go past 6 I'll be too wired to go to sleep at 10.

Stephanie M. said...

I LOVE this post! You're not just acting the part, you're LIVING it! Awesome NSV.

Ronnie said...

Have a great weekend, my friend!

And you DO belong there, I love that you're feeling it! :)

Oh, and the 5 extra minutes absolutely counts. I count every second! LOL