Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Year Ago....

I was banded.

I was banded August 18th, 2010 at 8:00 a.m.  So how do I feel this year has gone?  Fantastic!  I have lost 62.5 lbs.  I admit I fantasized about being one of those people who hit goal in a year...I imagined my 130 lb self living it up at the beach this summer (Not only was the weight dream unrealistic but I live in the desert...duh!).  But am I disappointed with my progress?  Heck no!  I'm 60 lbs lighter than I was last year.  After gaining weight year after year after be DOWN 60 lbs is just amazing!  Obviously, that means I averaged 5 lbs a month which is 1.25 lbs a week which is right in line where the stats say you'll fall.  I'm statistically normal for once.  I do not believe I would've accomplished what I have this year if it weren't for my lapband.  Yes, I make better food choices.  Yes, I exercise more than I ever did.  But this tool has made it so much easier to stay focused and not get discouraged.  Some more numbers:

                               2010                                                                   2011
Weight:                   230 lbs (104.3 kg)                                              166.5 lbs (75.5 kg)
BMI:                       44.9                                                                    32.5
Shirt Size:                2XL                                                                    Large/Tight Medium
Pants Size:               20/22                                                                  14/Tight 12
Ring Size:                10                                                                       7

Waist                      49.5                                                                    40      
Hips                        45                                                                       Forgot to measure - oops
Chest                      50.5                                                                    40
Thigh                       27.5                                                                    25.5
Calf                         18                                                                       15.5
Bicep                      16                                                                        13
Total Inches lost = 26.5

NSVs in the past year:

  • I walked 60 miles in 3 days.
  • I ran a 5k.
  • I can tiptoe up the stairs without making them creak and moan.
  • I feel sexy again.
  • I need to have my wedding/engagement rings resized.
  • I can shop at "normal" stores.
  • I can RUN...not very fast but I can...
  • I can dance without sweating profusely, without my feet getting sore or having to stop to rest.
  • I get hit guys...even younger ones.
  • I've become more confident in my work and personal life.
  • I wear dresses and skirts again!
  • My "butt shelf" hasn't gone away...but it's a lot smaller...
  • I went ziplining and had to weigh myself in public and didn't really care.
  • I like to shop again (good for ego...bad for pocketbook. LOL)
  • Hubby can actually lift me up without almost falling over.
  • I can go up and down the stairs without getting winded.
  • I can paint my toenails without passing out.
  • I set goals now and usually attain them.  If I don't, I realize that it's not worth giving up...I just keep chugging along.
  • I've gotten much better at FOLLOW THROUGH.  I'm becoming a person to actually finishes what they start.
  • I can play around with my kids, splash with them in the pool and not feel completely wiped out.
  • My kids know what healthy stuff is and what it isn't.  They want to exercise and get strong.  They drink mostly water as opposed to juice or milk and my oldest will actually opt for a salad over french fries.  I want to take some credit for that.
  • I've met tons of wonderful friends and supporters through this site.
  • Hubby has committed to getting healthy with me and is my biggest cheerleader.
They say a picture is worth a thousand word so without further ado...


Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

HAPPY BANDAVERSARY! I hope this day brings lots of joy to you! Congrats on an AWESOME accomplishment!

Dawnya said...

Freaking awesome. I picture is worth so many words...and this one speaks volumes. You look amazing. I think the best part of this post is that you are happy with your journey. You are healthy and happy. That is worth all the hard work.

Happy Bandiversary!!!

Colls said...

Amazing, happy one year! You look fantastic <3

Jen said...

You look fabulous!!! Congrats on all that you have accomplished in one year!!!

Shannon said...

look at that hot mama!!! great progress!!!
Happy bandiverary!

chloes_countdown said...

you look SO FREAKIN" AMAZING!!!!
great job on this year :)

LOL about your ring size. my wedding ring has started slipping off, too!!!!


Leslie said...

You look simply AMAZING! I am so proud of you!!!

Nora said...

You look great! Congratulations on your accomplishment!!!

Kristin50 said...

Congratulations you look wonderful! Those pictures do tell the story!

Hard work does pay off! AWESOME!

Ronnie said...

This is fantastic, not only the weight difference, not only the physical, but you seem so upbeat. Great NSV's! :)

Ronnie said...

Oh, and of course... Happy bandiversary!!

Catherine55 said...

Manda, you look incredible!! Happy bandiversary!! You have come so far over the last year, and this next year is going to be an exciting one, too. Looking forward to reading all about it. :)

Amanda Kiska said...

Wow! You look really, really fantastic! You've accomplished so much already. I can't believe it has been a year! Yeah, MandaPanda!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! You look amazing :) Happy Bandiversary!!!!!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Wow!!! You look great! Congratulations and Happy Bandiversary!

Rachel said...

Happy Bandiversary!

JRD said...

You look AMAZING!!!! Congrats on an amazing year - you rock!

~Lisa~ said...

Happy Bandiversary my Friend!! What an incredible year you've had - I am sooooo happy for all you've accomplished this year!! Your stats are amazing and the pictures... the pictures are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

YOU are an amazing woman - thank you for being my inspiration!!!

Sarah G said...

Happy Bandiversary!! Congratulations on all your success. You are a super star!

Dinnerland said...


o.c. bandster said...

Woooo hoooo!! Looking good lady!! Keep it up!

Lee Ann said...

What a great reflection & celebration of your first year banded. You've done so great and it shows. You look so fabulous!!

Andrea said...


Lyla said...

You are amazing! Congrats on one year of successes, with many more to come.

Cece said...

** new follower ** you look fantastic !! congratulations on all of your successes over the past year !

Anonymous said...

Amanda!! Wow, look at you. You have accomplished so much and must be so very proud. I am proud for you.
Happy Bandiversary (sorry this is a few days late, I am behind in my reading)