Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ten Thing Thursday Again

I'm sorry I never credit Laura Belle for these...I'm not sure I'm following her so I'm sorry I've been neglectful!  10 things is gonna be tough but I always say that and then make it there anyway so here we go...

  1. I didn't work out yesterday.  *SIGH*
  2. T.u.r.b.o T.a.x sucks big fat donkey balls.
  3. Hubby took our taxes to be done yesterday.  It's the first time since we've met we've had someone do our taxes for us.  Prior to that, I did them by hand and then once we had actual finances, I did them via T.u.r.b.o T.a.x.  Every year I've done them via that program, I got a small refund from federal and then owed state.  This year we're getting a decent refund from federal (number still pending) and a tiny refund from state.  WTF???  Never using that stupid software again!
  4. Do any of you get frustrated when an overweight person complains about being overweight but they're doing NOTHING to change that?  My overweight coworker (think I called her Peggy in a previous post) is like this and is in complete denial.  She think she's got a biological issue...I think it's the fact that she gets Sbux twice a day, eats out practically every meal and buys full size potato chip bags for snacks.  
  5. Then I remember that I used to be her and who am I to judge?   In a way, I still AM her.  I've 30 lbs to go until I get to goal and I'm eating like I'm in maintenance.  Ugh.  
  6. So I think I'm going to have the procedure in May.  Have any of you done this?  If so, what was your experience?
  7. I'm back to having 2 fingers wrapped.  Argh!  Index finger was hurting pretty badly still and in case it's broken, I don't want a deformed hand.  I've only got a day or two of this in me before I say a deformed finger isn't so bad.
  8. Carnie Wilson - AJ at Pet My Port prompted me to add this today.  I want her to know that not ALL of us are thrilled that Carnie got the lapband.  I'm all for people doing whatever they can to lose weight.  Duh...I'm not against WLS for anybody.  However, Carnie has serious addiction and emotional issues she's gotta deal with in order to be successful.  I hope she does but I'm not holding my breath.
  9. So yesterday both my boss' boss and HIS boss asked how I was liking the new job.  Seemed odd since I barely talk to either one of them.  
  10. Hubby and I will officially be out of credit card debt tomorrow!  I'm not going to provide the total as it's utterly humiliating but we've been working for several years to pay this off and it's finally happening.  So happy!!!!
What do you know?  10 things...amazing all the random stuff we can come up with, huh?


Reggie said...

Yay on #10!!!!!! That is worth a celebration (don't charge it, lol)!

A.J. said...

1st- thank you for your show of solidarity on the Carnie issue. 2nd- I wrote the check to pay off the 1st of 2 credit cards last month and it was AH-SOME!!!

Anonymous said...

I dream of being out of cc debt......

Jen said...

Way to go on being out of CC debt!! That's awesome!!

Andrea said...

What is #6? I've never heard of that before.

Congrats on #10!!!

Leslie said...

WOO HOO on being out of credit card debt! That is super exciting. My husband and I had a crap load of cc debt and we are on track to pay it off in September. We've been paying it off for years so I feel your excitement!