Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 5k's in 1 day

First, thanks for the amazing feedback on my last post!  There are so many of us in the same boat but I know we can all be successful.  On to other things....

It's official.  I signed up for 2 events for this Saturday.  That's right...a 5k in the morning and a 5k at night.  Am I crazy?  Methinks yes, definitely!  So here they are.

The one in the morning is Girls on the Run 5k. 100% of the race proceeds go directly to Girls on the Run whose mission is to "inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running." They nourish girls' bodies and minds.  What a great cause! 

Raceplace Events Glow Run at Encanterra benefitting Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona
The second one is the one I've been going on about for months...The Glow Run.  It benefits Sharing Downs Syndrome.  One of my oldest friend's has a little boy with downs and he's just so adorable!  Anyway, I'm running/walking in his honor.  The best part about this one is Hubby and the girls are doing the 1 mile luminary walk there while I do the 5k.  It's my girls' first "race" and they are super excited.  I explained where the money goes and they're psyched they can help families like my friend.  I also like that I'm teaching them to get involved, do good things for other people and be healthy all at the same time.  I'll be honest...I'm not so sure I'm going to be able to run this one, especially after the 5k in the morning, but I'll finish it come hell or high water.  

A couple fun things going on in Blogland too.  Jenn has given up sugar for 9 days!!  She's inspired me to do the same.  I'm going to allow myself sugar in my coffee but that's it.  No more Starbucks (because I can't just get a regular coffee's gotta be sugar laden yummy goodness), no ice cream, no cookies, no chocolate.  None of it.  Ridding my body of the sugar demon.  To clarify...I'm not going low carb.  Just getting rid of the crap.  I'll still have fruit, bread, rice, etc.  Thanks for the inspiration Jenn!

Also Kristin's grandson, Cole, is doing a trikeathon.  If you can, go lend some support (financially or otherwise) here.  

So that's what I got for this fine Wednesday morning.  How about a Hump Day Happy Thought?


Chris said...

Love the CS Lewis quote!

jennxaz said...

I love how you are inspiring your girls to join a race and be healthy...that is an awesome mom

Jen said...

2 in one day? you are a little cookoo but AWESOME!!! How fantastic that your kids and hubs are doing the one as well!
thanks for the shoutout too! You can do it! It's not that bad the first couple of days and then it was bad for like day 3 and 4 and then by day 5, I didn't even miss it!! You will do great!

chloes_countdown said...

I think you are CRAZY to do two 5ks in one day. But I know you'll rock them both. Good luck!

PS - love the CS Lewis quote

RockBand Barbie said...

two in the same day????? I am uber impressed :-)

Leigh C. said...

You can call it a 10K! Good luck:)

~Lisa~ said...

I DO love CS Lewis!! Thank you for sharing!! And I love - and am thrilled - that you're so into running!! You are such an inspiration! Thank YOU!