Monday, April 30, 2012

2 5k's - Check

Well, I did it.  2 5k's in one day...and I'm feeling it.  Here we go in pictures and then lessons learned at the bottom.  

Bright and early at Girls on the Run - little one was a little clingy.

She got over it.  She's center pink and her sister's to the far left.  They did the 100 yard Kid Dash during the 5k.

After - almost as pink as my shirt.  It was hot.

Getting ready for the next run...

Whole family for the Glow Run - the girls did the 1 mile with Hubby...I did the 5k.

Just me...Size medium shirt and my new armband for my new phone so I could have tunes.

She's READY!

Hubby rarin' to go.

Let's get the show on the road.
So there ya go.  The "after" pic of the second run is too awful to post so I won't.  So how'd I do?  I finished the first 5k in 42:32, placing 109th overall out of 157.  Not great but pretty good considering I didn't train AT ALL for this.  It was also a little rough as I've been fighting this cold so I felt like I couldn't breathe through most of it.  Also, the build up of mucous and the band made it really tough to get the water to go down at the water stations so I was dehydrated.  It was also first thing in the morning so I hadn't eaten anything.  So lessons learned here...Get up early enough to prehydrate and eat a little something.  I think I would've done better.

The second one was even more pitiful.  I finished in 47:30, placing 195 overall out of 267.  Not terrible considering I had already done one earlier in the day.

Am I proud of how I did?  Yes and No.  One the one hand, I'm extremely proud that I did 2 5k's in one day.  Two years ago, that certainly never would've entered my mind.  I'm also proud that when I did my first 5k last year, I trained for over 3 months and finished in 40:35.  Only 2 minutes longer and no training at all.

What I'm not happy about.  These events were supposed to be a motivator to exercise, work out and train.  It obviously did not work.  Second, I finished 2 minutes SLOWER than when I was significantly heavier.  Third, I am HURTING today.  I was miserable yesterday and still ridiculously sore today.  I may have overextended my knee a bit as well which is making this a little extra miserable to walk around.

As far as Ron and the girls, they finished their mile in about 25 minutes which for little 4 year old legs is pretty awesome.  They were really excited to get to participate and Hubby was great about keeping them happy, occupied and motivated.

This is my last event for Spring.  The weather's getting too hot to continue for this part of the year.  The bright side is I've completed 4 out 5 of my goal of 5 5k's this year!  So I'll only HAVE to do 1 in the Fall and of course, the Warrior Dash.  Thinking of getting a personal trainer for the warrior dash training...try to get me into some kind of work out groove.  If this weekend showed me anything, it's I have a LONG way to go.  NSV: Both race shirts were a size Medium.

How about some Monday DEMotivation?


jennxaz said...

awesome pics! Medium shirt is fantastic and what a great role model to your girls! Just plain awesome!

Dawnya said...

Yeah for completing 2 5k's in one day. That is amazing.

Kristin50 said...

You are an inspiration, and don't you dare beat yourself up! That is stinking amazing!

Jen said...

You are awesome!! I'm so impressed!

Andrea said...

Great job!!! That is seriously a huge accomplishment and you should be extremely proud of yourself! I love the after picture, haha. My face gets that red too.

Elizabeth said...

Awesome job!!!!

Leigh C. said...

Extremely impressive:)

Morgan said...

Maybe the reason the 5K is no longer a motivation to exercise, is because you know you can do it? Now you need to sign up for the 10K or the hill climbing competition or a swimming thing. Something that is outside of your ever expanding comfort zone, something that is always in the back of your mind keeping your thinking "Man, I really don't want to fail at this, I better get to training."

Time to shake things up!!!

~Lisa~ said...

Look at YOU, you tiny little thing in those medium tops!! I am soooooo proud of YOU!! You did it -and I am thrilled for YOU!!!