Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yep...I Ran

Yes, folks...I ran for the first time in MONTHS last night. The weather was was nice and breezy and not sweltering hot. So I put the girls down for bed, pulled out my workout clothes that were seriously thinking of running away to someone who would actually wear them and grabbed my runner's pack (Yes, I have a runner's pack - not a FANNY pack...only dorks wear fanny packs. LOL) and headed out the door. I took the little walking trail to my mom's house, stopped, said "hi", refilled my water bottle and headed home. I ran the whole way to my mom's and made it there in about 15 minutes. Couldn't run all the way back and made it home in 20 with the wind blowing right in my face. We got a dust storm last night and I barely beat it home. It was a little sad how out of shape I am after just a couple months off.  But I'll get back into it.  Total distance was 1.8 miles.  Not a bad start for the first workout back.  Logged my 30 minutes for the day and if the weather cooperates tonight (read: doesn't get ridiculously hot again), I'll do it again.  Once I can run the entire distance, I'll change up the route.

What else?  I think my youngest is getting sick.  She was coughing quite a bit last night so I know I'll have to call in soon to stay home with her.  I hate when the kids get sick.  My dad should be coming home from the hospital sometime this week.  In fact, it could be as early as today but I don't think he's really ready.  He's having a hard time keeping food down, still on morphine, and still isn't up and walking around.  I think the nurses are just tired of him.  Either way, he'll be driving my mom crazy soon.

It's been awhile but it's time for another installment of "Weight Loss in the News!"  CNN has an article about how to avoid gaining weight as you go through life changing events: weddings, having a baby and menopause.  Article is here.
Annoying Thing About This Article #1:  It makes the assumption that women are the only ones who gain weight as they go through life changes.  I have seen many a men put on a gut after they're married.
Annoying Thing About This Article #2:  It gives this advice "As a general rule, have a serving each of carbs (fist-size), protein (palm-size), and healthy fat (around a tablespoon), and fill the rest of your plate with any non-starchy veggie."  The first thing on your plate should not be a carb and you don't need carbs at every flippin' meal.  And maybe I'm just looking at my hand wrong but it looks like my fist is bigger than my palm? You certainly don't need MORE carbs than protein.  Ugh.  Damn you food pyramid!
Annoying Thing About This Article #3:  Advice: "Just because he's a steak-and-fries kind of guy doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite healthy meals."  This makes the assumption that women don't like steak and fries.'s only one of my favorite meals.  So we were all eating healthy in this fast food world of ours and because we get married, we bend to the whim of our men and don't?  I'm beginning to think this article is sexist.  
Annoying Thing About This Article #4:  For menopausal women, it tells you to cut calories, get plenty of sleep and sculpt your body meaning incorporate more weights in your workout.  Why should only menopausal women be doing this?!?!  This is good advice for anyone at any age.  
Now I'm not knocking the article as a whole.  They've got some good tips.  There's nothing ground breaking here though, folks.  It's all stuff we've heard over and over and over again.  The reason it targets women?  Because women obsess about this more than men do.  Men who are trying to lose weight aren't reading about it on CNN, they're off on their own forums figuring it out.  

That's all I got.  Have a great Tuesday


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got your run in yesterday!

tagyourit said...

Congrats on teh run, I am so jealous of your ability to do this! I hate weightloss articles for this very reason. They are rarely helpful and always offensive.

Dawnya said...

I was running!!! Yeah for you. I'm glad you just "felt" the desire to run. It's crazy...that's why I did it last night. I would like to "feel" the desire to sleep late.

CNN prints some of the dumbest stuff sometime. I agree...women are not the only ones who gain weight.

~Lisa~ said...

So thrilled that you went out to run!! I'm glad you made it home before the dust though!

And you're right.. Articles like that are not helpful and downright annoying..

Happy tuesday to YOU!

JRD said...

Go MP!!!! That is amazing - good for you! And I agree - every time I click on one of those articles, [I think because I'm a sucker!], they all say the same freakin' thing. It's not rocket science...

Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

Yay! Running!!

Amanda said...

yayay for the run! I am running more myself but not a mile in a row! Or even 3/4 of a mile!

I am with you on the food pyramid. It is awful!
Hope your baby feels better! I am just now feeling good after two weeks of feeling awful!

Cece said...

Oh, fine ! You're a runner now ... (yes, I'm jealous !!) you are awesome !

Ronnie said...

You go girl, that's a great distance for your first time back hittin' the trails in a while. :)

Andrea said...

Good for you!