Thursday, September 1, 2011

Challenge Day 1

So I know this isn't a real good way to start a challenge but I knew Day 1 wasn't going to be stellar.  It was somewhat planned not to be.  A coworker is moving on to a different position so we had a Starbucks run first thing in the morning and then I made the cake for this afternoon.  I'll take a picture of the cake with my phone to post tomorrow...that is if it works.  I attempted to make a laptop cake but I'm not sure if it's actually going to work yet...couldn't assemble until right beforehand so we'll see.  Anyway...if you look just below my Challenge'll see my Challenge Tracker - bigger picture is above.  I have to have a label for everything...Yes...I could've just had balls for days I did well but I like all the colors.  You may also notice there is a diamond for exercise.  I want to try to see how many days I can get 30 minutes of activity in September.  I'm determined...I don't know how but I'm going to try my darnedest.  So menu for today (remember this is not a great day but this blog is all about accountability so here goes).

Breakfast: Coffee with cream (no sugar - that's right NO sugar!)
                 Nonfat, nowhip White Chocolate Mocha Fra.p.p.uccino (I know, I know)
Lunch:  Chicken Salad
            Slice of cake (have to see how it tastes)
Snack:  Apple
Dinner:  Chicken meatballs with spinach (Fruit for girls)

This is definitely an Under 80% day but that's alright...Knew it would be.

NSV:  With all my self pity lately, I forgot to report on a NSV I had over the weekend.  Family and I went to a bar/grill that we used to go to quite a bit in my "I'm just going to get fatter and fatter because what's the point of trying" days.  We don't go much anymore.  So we're hitting our deep fried goodness when a waitress comes over and says "Oh my god!  You've lost so much weight!  Have you been working on that?"  Now..understand...I don't know her from Adam...I didn't recognize her at all but I say "Yep.  I've been working on it."  And she said "Well, keep it up!  You're getting so slim!"  Very nice to get a compliment from someone who apparently knew me when I was fat and had no idea I was slimming down.  But then I got to thinking...why does she remember us so well but I don't remember her at all?  When we used to go more often was she like, "OMG.  There's that fat family again.  I can't believe how much they eat here."  I realize I should just take the compliment and be happy but I did second guess it.  But someone said I was getting "slim!"  How fun!

Alight.  That's all I got for today.  I wanted to get my accountability going for the Challenge which means I'm going to blog just about every day (except on weekends - no internet at home).  It'll make for boring reading but might help me stick to it better.  Happy Thursday everyone!


Shannon said...

I wish I could still eat cake! It messes my band up and I BP'd twice from cake cansistancy goodies. no more for me :(

I like that you are going to blog everyday to keep accountable.

Kristin50 said...

I love the commitment you have it is so refreshing!

Congratulations on the NSV, those are always so wonderful!

~Lisa~ said...

Yep, take the NSV and run with it - you've EARNED it!!

Good luck on the challenge!!

Elizabeth said...

Love the NSV!!! Good luck with your challenge :)

Amanda said...

Good lord you sound just like me!! I have a hard time taking a compliment. I always think about what they really are thinking and not saying!!

But I am with everyone. A compliment is a compliment and we both have to work at taking them. Cause damnit we deserve it!

Mmmm cake! I think it is adorable! Have fun at your girls night!

Ronnie said...

I don't think it sounds like you did too bad with the coffee run and sugar, etc. (I know I'm SUUUPER late with this comment, bear with me!) Nonfat and nowhip. Mama needs one or the other. Good for you!

Can't wait to see how you do from here on out. :)