Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NSV and Weight Loss in the News

First and foremost, thank you all so much for your words of encouragement yesterday.  I'm always astounded by the level of support I find here in Blogland.  Truly touched.  Doing better today.  Hubby and I had a little chat last night, trying to get to the bottom of what tipped me over the edge.  I think life stress has just taken its toll on me as evidenced not just from my eating but my night terrors have returned full force to the point where I'm almost afraid to sleep.  That always causes some grumpiness and moodiness during my waking hours.  Yesterday was a good eating day though.  I put over 80% in my primal tracker but it was actually closer to 95% but in the interest of full accountability...a green dot is only for 100%.  I made eggplant lasagna last night (a la Amanda's post) and it was very yummy!  Brought some leftovers for lunch today.  We also got in our family walk last night.  It's the same 2 mile stretch I do on my own but at a slower pace.  Nice to get out and be active as a family though.  Tonight I plan on doing 30 minutes out front trying to teach my oldest how to ride her bike.  Our maiden voyage yesterday with her was not impressive.  LOL.

NSV:  Over the weekend, I was looking at some pictures from my sister's wedding.  She got married in 2004 and I had just lost about 30 lbs on South Beach.  I remember thinking I was looking pretty good.  Ugh.  The pictures were NOT good.  I was just so flippin' fat still.  I looked at a pic and then in the mirror and while the image is a bit older (LOL), it's way more attractive.  I wish I could go back and retake the pictures from that day.  So I got curious as to how big that dress would be on me now.  Then I remembered I donated it awhile back so some other fat bridesmaid could use it.  In fact, I don't have any of my old fat clothes anymore because I don't want to keep them around and start growing into them without realizing it (side note:  Most of my stuff is too big but not WAY too big like they were).  So I dug around and found a size 12 dress that my mother bought for me YEARS ago. 10 years ago my mom bought me this cute little black dress for Christmas "in case (you) need to go somewhere fancy."  It has NEVER fit.  Ever.  The tags are still on it.  I've moved this dress to Ohio, back to AZ, into our first house, into our second house, into this townhouse.  Every time I move or clean out my closet, I look at this thing and debate getting rid of it.  "It'll never fit. You never go anywhere fancy enough to wear it and it's never going to fit."  But I like the dress and always kept it "just in case."  Ladies and FIT.  I need Spanx to make it look really good but it fits, I can breathe and it looks GOOD.   I did a little happy dance in my closet.  I told Hubby he has to take me somewhere fancy so I can actually wear it.

Fat people in the news...New study published in USA Today says fat people think differently than thin people to where it may actually be a difference in their BRAINS.  Shocker...I know.  Link to article is here if you're interested.  Some highlights - my thoughts in blue.

  • In the study, functional MRI scanners monitored the brains of five obese and nine non-obese people as researchers adjusted the levels of sugar in their blood, changing them from normal to low. At the same time, the researchers showed them pictures of foods that are low-calorie (various fruits and vegetables, tofu, soybeans, salads) and high-calorie foods (brownies, donuts, fried chicken, steak, ice cream and more).  Hmmmm...I wonder which ones the fatties prefer???
  • The researchers found that the obese people had less brain activity in the area known as the prefrontal cortex, where powers of inhibition (choosing not to do things) are based, even when their blood sugar levels were normal. Again.  I'm shocked.  How much are we paying for this study??
I found the findings to be elementary and talk about a small sample size!  Why wouldn't you take an even number of regular people and obese people as opposed to slanting it this way?  And if you've done any research at all, sugar begets sugar.  The more sugar you eat, the more you want to eat.  So you're taking people who probably only eat an average amount of carbs a day and comparing them to people who undoubtedly eat more than that.  I guess this is just the "Duh" section of the paper or something.

Oh!  So good progress on Hubby.  He's been very good with his primal lifestyle (getting 100% every day the last 2 weeks) and lost another 4 lbs this week.  He has an appointment with the doc for a fill on Thursday and I just think he's doing so well.  I think when I'm eating the right things, I'm at a good fill's when I eat all this other stuff that causes problems.  I'm supposed to be seeing the doc in the next week or 2 but I just don't think a fill is really necessary right now.

That's all I got.  Have a good Tuesday!


Lyla said...

Yay for your black dress! When hubby takes you out, make sure to get a picture.

Kristin50 said...

Awesome NSV! That is fabulous! You should feel great about that one!

Anonymous said...

Yes, wear that dress!!
I am happy you are feeling better. This is a really emotional journey and we all need to stick together.

Ronnie said...

Ugh, now I just had to post a confessional post about carbs after reading this... damnit.

I think that survey does sound a bit biased.

Amanda said...

Okay I missed yesterdays post!! I am very sorry! I will go back and read it today but yesterday was insane! Going back now!

Amanda said...

what am I saying!! I was the first to post! I am losing it.