Friday, September 2, 2011

Challenge Day 2

So yesterday shaped up to be just as I thought it would...not a great primal day.  And I knew it wouldn't be and I'm OK with that.  Tomorrow night won't be a great primal night either.  It's planned and I'm good.  Today should be a great primal day.

Breakfast: Coffee with cream (still trying to take it without sugar...doesn't taste as good but it's alright).
                Chicken Salad (I know it's weird but primal breakfasts are tough when you don't eat at home)
Lunch:  Chicken meatballs with brussel sprouts
Snack: apple
Dinner:  Stuffed Chicken with spinach

If I stick to this plan, I will be 100% primal today.  We shall see...

I did get my cake to do what I wanted it to do yesterday.  My coworker is moving to a more technical field and was talking about the new fancy laptop the company would be giving her so I decided that she needed a laptop cake.  Voila!
Yes...I'm aware I didn't make a perfectly square "screen".  Sue me.
What else?  I've got a girls' night out planned for tomorrow night and there will definitely be adult beverages involved.  I realize that alcohol isn't the best way to forget one's problems but sometimes, for me, it's just what the doctor ordered.  My youngest has a birthday party to go to so Hubby will be taking care of that while I take the other one to do something equally fun... maybe bowling?  We'll see.  Sunday will be a recuperation day and Monday...I'm a do-absolutely-nothing day.

And your Friday Funny...


Kristin50 said...

Bravo on the cake, I think it is adorable!

I like that you are posting your meal plans. They are helpful!

Good Luck today!

Cece said...

LOL ... love the cartoon ! Thanks for the LOL !! :) I love real food for b'fast ... these protein shakes are getting a little old :) Oh, and now I want cake (doesn't take much) !

Maria said...

That cake is awesome! And don't worry about one bad day... remember the 80/20 rule!

~Lisa~ said...

GREAT cake!! Enjoy girl's night out - you've earned it!!

Mari said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog and just wanted to say you're inspirational and making fantastic progress!! I'm in the process of getting banded, it'd be great if you fancied taking a peek at my new blog Good luck with the rest of the primal challenge!
Mari x

Rachel said...

Love the cake! It speaks to your sweetness as a friend (LOL)...Thanks for all your supportive comments...I appreciate you

Ronnie said...

The cake looks awesome, hope you had fun at the girls' night! :)